Why you won’t have to create content with ChatGPT

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Why you won’t have to create content with ChatGPT

If you have been planning to replace your content writing team with ChatGPT, think again! This artificial tool has several disadvantages in content creation and is not as smart as you think.

Six reasons why you cannot replace your content team with ChatGPT

1. This tool can’t look outside its training data

ChatGPT can only research and verify facts within its training data set. If you need content on a topic not covered within its data set, you cannot generate it with this tool. Even if the topic is covered, the content will not be updated with the latest statistics.

Sometimes this tool might also include misleading or partially incorrect facts because it has no way of verifying those facts. ChatGPT can’t provide citations, links, quotes, or other connections to outside data.

2. ChatGPT does not know your brand in and out

Unlike content writers, ChatGPT does not know about your company, its goals, potential customers, competitors, target markets, etc. So, you cannot expect a high level of customization in the content but rather a generalized piece of writing.

Content marketing isn’t about just churning out words. The content should address your audience’s pain points, highlight your brand’s USPs and resonate with your customer. A human can better understand these nuances than a tool. We are a digital marketing company that provides online marketing services to brands to help them achieve their goals.

3. The content quality isn’t good enough for SEO

SEO writing isn’t just about stuffing in all the right keywords. If your content sounds like another addition to the already overflowing pile of AI tool-generated content, it doesn’t have any chance of ranking in 2023. If you think ChatGPT is just another cheap alternative to outsourcing the bulk of “routine SEO content,” you are doing SEO all wrong.

Wasting time and budget on churning out a bulk of “average quality content” will not take you anywhere closer to your goals. Instead, you should invest in a content team capable of thinking analytically and creating valuable, unique, and well-researched content.

Every SEO content piece you create should have search intent, be highly strategic, and be laser-focused on your SEO goals. And only a highly experienced content team can help you achieve these objectives. We are an SEO agency with experts that can help you generate brand awareness with high-quality SEO content.

4. Your content could be similar to that of your competitors

Most businesses might be shifting to ChatGPT for content creation. There are huge chances of content duplication. Your content might end up sounding similar to your competitors. You and your competitor brand will have the same or at least a similar target audience.

Why would anyone spend time reading content that is unoriginal and repetitive? Only a content writer can write authentic content that reflects your brand’s personality. It will add more value to your audience and resonate with them better than AI tool-generated content.

5. The creative standard is not too high

Though ChatGPT has polished language skills, it obviously cannot replace the creative flair of human writing. There will be no empathy in the writing style or tone. When you hire content writers, the writing is comparatively more creative and can cater to human emotions better. We are an internet marketing company that can handle your brand’s content marketing and generate good results.

6. You need to feed it highly detailed instructions

If you want this tool to create good content quality, you need to give it highly specific data with all the relevant details. The more detailed the instructions will be, the higher level of sophistication the content will have. If you want all the content to follow a similar structure, the outline has to be perfect.

What is the future of ChatGPT in the field of content marketing?

ChatGPT is already technologically more advanced as compared to other tools. As time progresses, it will have even more advanced features. So, it will be wrong to completely dismiss the impact this tool will have on content marketing in the future. But for now, this tool cannot replace content writers completely. Instead, you can leverage this tool intelligently to make the entire content creation process more efficient.

Ways in which you can use ChatGPT for content creation without affecting the quality of the overall content: 

  • You can use ChatGPT content generators for creating the alt text, footers, and meta tags. These processes are not complex and do not require strategic thinking. So, it can save time for your team to focus on more strategic tasks. We are an SEO company that can help you achieve your SEO goals.
  • ChatGPT can be a beneficial tool when it comes to drafting. It can help in idea and outline generation.
  • If you require bulk quantities of content, you can use ChatGPT. But hire a team of editors to edit and refine the writing further to add a human touch. It can increase the efficiency of your content creation process without compromising efficiency.
  • You can provide ChatGPT access to your content writing team as an assistant tool that reduces their time investment. It will make the content creation process more streamlined.
  • ChatGPT can assist in grammar correction, reducing spelling errors, and improving the overall technical quality of the content.
  • This tool can create good quality short-form content like social media captions for your brand’s campaigns or short product descriptions.
  • You can use ChatGPT for content personalization, such as emails and messages, for better customer satisfaction and higher engagement.
  • ChatGPT can help in the language translation of your content which makes it wisely accessible to a larger audience.
  • ChatGPT can assist in content formatting. For instance, your content team can use it to convert unstructured data to structured data.
  • ChatGPT can generate a list of high-ranking keywords for your content pieces. It increases the chances of ranking.