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Do you know that 93% of Pinterest users scroll through Pinterest to plan future purchases or make purchases? Pinterest is of great significance to the eCommerce retailers because it virtually drives 25% referral traffic of all retail websites.

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Pinterest marketing services can be a boon for your brand because the platform is increasingly becoming a search powerhouse for people all across the globe. Currently, the platform has more than 175 million active users who use the appealing pinboards according to their preferred niche of interest.


Using Pinterest as a marketing initiative can be of great advantage to any brand that wants to skyrocket its sales. If you want to harness the true power of Pinterest for your boosting your brand’s ROI, SEOTonic is the ultimate solution for you. We offer sophisticated, new-age solutions as Pinterest marketing services that can aid in scaling your business on Pinterest. 

Perks of investing in Pinterest marketing:

Pinterest is nothing less than an online catalogue that you will love to flaunt for marketing your appealing products or services. There can be a notable increase in website traffic and SEO, and as an add-on when Pinterest marketing is blended with an over-arching social media marketing, you can push traffic and sales to your website while growing your online community. Here are some advantages of investing in Pinterest ads or marketing. Dive in!

1. Access to an engaged community

Unlike the self-centred and meme-fond community on other social media platforms, the one on Pinterest is highly engaged. The Pinterest audience keeps sharing pins that they find with both small and large groups. So, you have to toil less on marketing and at the same time, you can get huge exposure in a very short period. Also, Pinterest ads cost quite less than other sponsored ads, which makes them a definite bang for the bucks!

2. More website traffic

If your website is filled with creative and eye-catching products or services, then Pinterest is just the right platform to do the promotion. On SEOTonic, we craft a full-proof and customized Pinterest marketing strategy for every business to help them increase their website traffic by increasing links back to their site. Increased traffic won’t just do wonders for your online visibility but can have an optimistic effect on sales as well.

3. Hiked conversions

It is quite evident from the facts stated above that numerous Pinterest users use the platform to plan their future purchases. Because of this mindset of the Pinterest community, the platform can help you to shorten your marketing pipeline and save all the extra cash that you needed to generate or spot qualified leads. The more leads you get, the more your conversion hike. So say Hi! to your new bud Pinterest and get ready for your business to reach new-found heights.

4. The number of pins is directly proportional to the number of backlinks

The whole idea of Pinterest is built around stunning and informative images. There is also an image source functionality and expert marketers add a link to the source of the pin or image to generate backlink. If you strategically pin images from your website, you can always leave a digital footprint that will be easy for both major search engines and customers to follow.

Why do you need to invest in a Pinterest Management Agency?

If you are going for Pinterest advertising then a Pinterest Management agency can prove to be an upstart that can drive critical benefits for you in the industry. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest attracts a different audience which means that you need a diversified range of efforts to popularize your brand on the platform. 

A Pinterest Management agency can help you to reach new audiences, develop the optimal marketing strategy and get the right type of exposure for your product and services. To make sure that you are not missing out the massive potential that Pinterest has to offer for your business, experts feature a 3-tier, strategic approach in Pinterest marketing. 

  1. Relevant, personalized and quality content creation. 
  2. Audience growth by identifying and following to influencers and optimizing the Pinterest profile.
  3. Improving engagement by engaging and sharing influencers’ content and commenting and mentioning when appropriate. 

Most people feel lost as the pins and pinboards bother them as a new concept. This is exactly where a Pinterest management service can help by leveraging your account, generating high-quality leads and increasing your traffic and income. Having a Pinterest marketing agency can be greatly advantageous and some of the benefits include: 

  • Investing in Pinterest marketing has long-term benefits because pins last forever.
  • Revered surveys and research shows that Pinners have more purchasing credibility than non-pinners, so investing in a Pinterest management service means investment in hiking sales.
  • Pinterest offers an unbelievably significant amount of referral traffic but only when marketing is done right.
  • Experts can craft on-point marketing blueprints for Pinterest that can sink your bounce rates and help you get more website traffic. 

Pinterest cannot just affect purchase but pinners are ever ready to connect with brands, so by using Pinterest marketing tools you get tons of opportunities to promote your business.

Services that we offer

With robust strategies, we help you to build trust which can in turn influence sales from Pinterest. We cater a package of services when it comes to Pinterest advertising that can increase Pinterest impressions and reach while extending your followers’ list.

1. Pinterest marketing strategy

Instead of beating behind the bush, initially, we try to craft a successful marketing blueprint for your account. By scrutinizing the level of popularity that you already have and analyzing your fan base, we conduct careful research for creating the custom avatar for your brand.

2. Account Creation and Profile setup

By aligning your brand objectives and social characteristics, our specialists create pins that reflect your face value. We can make buyable pins to entice your customers to make purchases or simple yet creative pins that can highlight your products and services. The choice is yours!

3. Promoted Pins

After setting your custom pinboard and as your pins begin to publish, our experts will start interacting with other users and spread engagement about your brand. We also use promoted pins or paid Pinterest ads that work as ads on other social media ad platform work, by taking your products straight to the users who are searching for it.

4. Pinterest Optimization and reporting for measurable results

By analyzing the results and looking at the responses of the pinners for your page, we pinpoint strategies that can help your business to grow optimally. Our last step is to make justified reports to decipher your business growth and ensure that your profile is doing well on one of the biggest creative platforms on the web.

Why choose us?

Are you looking for an unstoppable Pinterest marketing strategy that can make your brand a well-known name on the web? If yes then we can do marketing right for you. Here’s what makes our Pinterest management services unique:

At SEOTonic we understand the fact that right engagement can propel sales whereas fake popularity does no good. This is why we never purchase followers nor do we use bots to follow people in attempts to receive follow backs. Every user that follows your Pinterest account does that because of the content and when your account begins to grow, you can rest assured that these people who are a true fan of your work are behind these accounts. 

We take pride in our high-quality work because every Pinterest page we design is designed with hard work and dedication from our in-house team of brilliant experts. We never believe in outsourcing work because we firmly have faith in the fact that businesses rely on the cornerstone of our inspiration and creativity. Whatever we design comes straight from the intuitive minds of our social media mavens.

Our social media specialist will arrive to work daily and monitor your Pinterest boards and pins. You won’t need to respond to anything because we will follow up and respond to messages, comments and question every day while building a reputable relationship between your brand and customers. 

We create original content and innovative pins keeping your brand image in mind. We never want our clients to solely stick with what we create, our clients always have the opportunity to approve, customize or personalize all the content that we create on their behalf. We will be thrilled to accept any suggestions and incorporate any additional brand recognizing aspect that you wish to include in your Pinterest marketing campaign.

The best part about SEOTonic is we are a full-fledged digital marketing company to meet your Pinterest Management needs. Starting from managing your Pinterest boards to integrating your Pinterest account with social media channels and succeeding, we can be a complete package of services that can assist you from the start to the end. You no longer need to lift a finger because with us you can get the best of your marketing campaign at a reasonable price. 

Boost conversions, stretch your profit margins and earn the name and fame for your brand that you always wanted because when it comes to Pinterest marketing, there is a lot more to do than what you see on the surface! Get in touch with us and our leading team of dedicated experts can turn tables for your Pinterest marketing norms.

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