Eight Tactics to Capture Higher Volume of Leads Using SEO

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Eight Tactics to Capture Higher Volume of Leads Using SEO

SEO plays a crucial role in driving lead generation. This form of marketing employs strategies that improve brand visibility in Google search results. It also works to engage the target audience through optimized content.

In essence, marketers need to align their efforts with Google’s search algorithms to optimize their company’s website. We are SEO service providers with a talented team that can assist with comprehensive strategies to capture more leads using SEO. In this blog, we will provide you with eight strategies to get a high number of promising leads.

What is SEO lead generation and why is it needed? 

SEO lead generation refers to the process of capturing leads and enhancing brand visibility through the utilization of Search Engine Optimization techniques. When a business generates leads from website content or unpaid practices, it falls under the category of SEO lead generation. SEO plays a vital role in business growth by optimizing website content with targeted keywords, images, and web copy.

Eight SEO Tactics to generate higher volume leads 

In addition to SEO, you need to implement certain techniques to get desired results. Below we have mentioned the 8 most effective lead generation techniques that every business can implement.

1. Audit your website

Identifying which web pages are doing well and which ones require optimization is necessary. So, it is advisable to audit your website first to find opportunities for improvement.

SE Ranking, Google Search Console, Ahrefs SEO Site Audit Tool, SEMrush Site Audit Tool, and SiteChecker Pro are other widely used SEO tools for all types of businesses to audit websites.

2. Optimize your website loading time 

You can go for free tools such as the PageSpeed test by Google or Pingdom to check the speed of your site. Once you are aware of the parameters, you can optimize your website loading time accordingly.

Key SEO tips to boost your website speed

  • Always choose a reliable web hosting service provider like Hostinger, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc.
  • Your website should be mobile responsive as most of the target audience search through mobile phones.
  • The images should be optimized & for this, you can use TinyPNG(an image optimizer plug-in).
  • Optimize scripts with the use of WP Fastest Cache.
  • Always clean your database. You can use Wp-optimize for this.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Delete spam comments (if any).
  • Remove all unnecessary plug-ins and scripts.

We can say, the faster response of your website to searches will give your site a higher ranking on SERPs. So, identify your website performance and improve it with the help of SEO tools.

3. Utilize the power of keyword research 

An online business can get a maximum number of relevant leads with the right keywords, enabling the search engine to identify your brand for your target audience. You can use free keyword tools such as Answer the Public and Keyword Planner to discover keywords for your business.

With the help of other smart keyword research tools such as Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Semrush, Google Search Console, Jaaxy, etc., brands can find the most relevant keywords.

4. Update on-page content 

All your marketing efforts are ineffective if you don’t have enough relevant content to engage your target audience or hold your website, visitors.

Your website content should be able to give a great user experience by providing information that adds value in a certain way.

While checking your website on-page content, notice;

  • Do you have a good web copy? – The website’s headings, subheadings, etc., should be clear and concise. Moreover, look after the Meta Title, Meta description, and keyword density.
  • Is your web copy worth reading? – The descriptions should be relevant, informative, and useful to your readers.

5. Check your competitor’s activity to optimize

You must use the services of an SEO agency to check your competitors’ activities so that you are one step ahead of them.

A good SEO competitor analysis software like SEOTonic can help you find what’s working for your competitor and can help you outrank them. An SEO competitor analysis tool lets you check where most of the traffic is coming from, the top-performing pages, blogs, etc. If you have a new business, then a competitor’s analysis will be a guiding light to designing your marketing and sales strategy.

6. Create a blog with SEO content 

Businesses create blogs to drive potential traffic and convert them into your leads for further process of the sales funnel. A successful blog can generate massive leads for your brand.

Key SEO tactics to optimize your blogs –

  • Use keywords smartly: You must cover all keywords related to your industry, brand, product, service or target audience, etc.  Using keywords is good but avoid irrelevant keyword stuffing as this may harm your website’s credibility.
  • Consistency is the key: Creating a blog could be easy. But you should post useful content on your blogs regularly and maintain a specific frequency to get needful results.
  • Leverage subheadings: Use H1, H2, H3, or H4 subheadings and provide a structure to your content for a better user experience.
  • Content formatting: Content value is truly consumed only if its formatting pleases your readers.

A consistent, targeted, valuable blog generates more leads, enhances website traffic, drives more sales, and thrives your brand awareness.

7. Leverage link building to generate leads 

Link building is an SEO practice to acquire links to your website from other relevant sites. These links are formally known as backlinks. Search engines consider those websites well for high ranking if they have backlinks from trusted websites.

Links enable your target audience to navigate to the desired web pages. It also guides search engines while crawling to bring out the most relevant results from your website. You can remove the tag rel= “nofollow” so that the crawlers can identify it.

You can also manually approach relevant bloggers for a guest post for credible link sources of prospecting leads.

8. Implement local SEO practices 

Although you can present your online business to a worldwide audience, many companies must implement local SEO practices. This can help you leverage local SEO for lead generation.

Local SEO best practices that you need to consider

  • Submit your business information on online local directories such as Google
  • Identify and focus on geo-specific keywords
  • Register on the Google My Business list
  • Optimize your on-page content for local search
  • Generate complimenting reviews

To know more and utilize the best SEO services and capture more leads, connect with our SEO company today.