List of Top 50 SEO Tools – Absolutely Free!

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List of Top 50 SEO Tools – Absolutely Free!

Free SEO tools come in handy to make basic SEO changes and track your website. Here is a list of the top 50 free technical SEO tools that our SEO agency can help you grow your website.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives detailed traffic and visit times, all categorized by location.

2. Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is a great tool to fill up missing keywords.

3. Data Studio

Data studio helps you view multiple sources of data in one place.

4. Penguin Tool

This technical SEO tool lines the search traffic according to the new updates of the search engine. You can easily identify the mistake with the data and fix it.

5. Mozcast

This tool will keep you updated with all the minutest changes in the Google Search engine algorithm for you to plan accordingly.

6. Link Redirect Trace

This plugin will direct your traffic, and the algorithm crawlers perfectly to the intended link redirects.

7. Redirect Path

This tool flags the redirects and status codes like 404 and 500. It will help you identify the glitch easily and cover it immediately.

8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool will act like your mock algorithm assessment. It will crawl through your website and let you identify the SEO errors.

9. Quick Click Website Audit

This tool will save you from copying and pasting links every time you need to use a tool.

10. SEOlyzer

It provides a categorization of pages and analyses the website with real-time results.

11. Screaming Frog Log FilAnalyzer

This tool will identify the crawled area of the algorithm. It studies and identifies the data provided by the search bot.

12. Where Does It Go?

It is the redirection tracker. It will help you identify any glitches in your website’s redirect or other backlinks.

13. Xenu

It is an original tool that crawls and gives website audits. It also scans for broken links.

14. Robots.txt Generator

This tool creates a robots.txt file with a mere click, so there is no hassle of this file creation for the algorithm.

15. Check my Links

Check my links and analyze your webpage status. It gives color-coded results for easy identification.

16. Keep-Alive Validation SEO Tool

It is a great bulk link checking tool. It helps you understand the lag in your server speed, if any, through competitor analysis.

17. HEADMaster SEO

This tool gives real-time results of redirects, server speed, and response time off your website.

18. XML Sitemaps

This is a free sitemap generator tool. Helps you create a detailed site map of 500 pages even without registering there.

19. Hreflang Tag Generator

This tool is used to create a hreflang tag. It will help the algorithm identify the page’s language and search accordingly.

20. SFAIK Screaming Frog Analyser

It helps you give a Google studio view of the data analyzed by Screaming Frog crawl.


BROWSEO lets you see the site as it is visible to the search engine. It gives various views like SERP preview, which will give you an idea of the website ranking on the search results page.

22. SEOwl Google Title Rewrite Checker

This tool helps you identify the title tag’s glitch and structure.

23. AnswerthePublic

AnswerthePublic tool helps in literally addressing the queries of your target audience.

24. Keyword planner

It is a great keyword research tool by Google.

25. Keyword explorer

This tool gives a detailed keyword analysis, including click-through rates, difficulty, and other search engine results.

26. Keyword everywhere

This tool provides a mass comparative analysis of various keyword manager tools.

27. Keyword Sheeter

This tool will give you a detailed idea of the search volume of the entered keyword and its click-through rate and also provides competitive analysis.

28. Also Asked

Also Asked lets you know the people’s questions or searches around the keyword you are searching.


This is a great Google doc to WordPress convert tool. It converts with no format change, with the first five converts being free.

30. Keyword Surfer

This tool gives you an idea of the search volume for your selected keywords.

31. Google Trends

This popular tool will analyze keywords based on topics, area-based search, cost, and the latest trends.

32. Seed Keywords

This technical SEO tool lets you send the keyword to the contact of your choice. The contacts can type the related search they would generally make related to that keyword.

33. CaniRank

CaniRank provides what rank your keyword can achieve on the search results page.

34. Ubersuggest

It is the Google Keyword Planner’s data scraper. It will provide the data Google keyword planner will provide for a specific keyword based on the search.

35. Exploding Topics

This tool functions similarly to Google Trends. It helps to provide the topics or matters that have the potential to become popular.

36. Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout provides you with keywords that have greater chances of people making a purchase.

37. Keys4Up

Keys4Up gives the list of semantically related keywords to include in your website content.

38. Moz Link Explorer

This technical SEO tool lets you view the link’s domain authority and backlink profile.

39. Disavow Tool

This tool protects you from backlinks that are not safe.

Here is a list of other free SEO tools that you can use for your content-

40. Backlink Checker

Discover the backlink data of a particular URL. 

41. Link Miner

Check if any URL has a broken link and analyze their metrics. 

42. SendPulse

This tool allows you to configure chains of emails, notifications, and SMS messages based on user actions, variables, or events. 

43. Scraper

This is a Chrome extension that allows you to scrape data from any URL and export its information. 

44. Magic PR

This interesting tool gets you a press release informed by SEO best practices. 

45. Streak

Streak is a free extension that converts your Gmail inbox into CRM software. 

46. Help A Reporter (HARO)

This resource helps connect journalists and experts who act as sources for stories. 

47. Local Search Results Checker

You can conduct local searches using this tool. 

48. Review Handout Generator

This technical SEO tool helps you input instructions on how to leave a Google review through desktop or mobile. 

49. Mobile SERP Test

Using Mobile Moxie, you can see your local SERPs on multiple mobile devices with the Mobile SERP test. 

50. Cloudflare

This tool is a free content delivery network that gets your content to load faster by using the server closest to an individual doing the loading.

Hire the right SEO agency to use these amazing SEO tools and boost your website’s ranking.