Top 10 Tips for Instagram Growth for Small Businesses

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Top 10 Tips for Instagram Growth for Small Businesses

Instagram has evolved from a social media app to one of the biggest platforms for businesses small and large. Instagram has a user base of 3.9 billion and over 90% of these users follow at least one business account.

Instagram has been working a lot to build up its platform. Creating interactive new features like reels, stories, ask-me-anything stickers and voting. Therefore, by using these features you will be able to gain some perspective about the buying choices of your customers

The main problem that a lot of new business owners face is the navigation of this platform. However, there are several tips which may be of help to you and they are as follows.

Top 10 Tips to Grow an Instagram Account for Small Businesses

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1. Enhance your brand identity: – The best way to do this would be to add some real-life details. Your business website has to focus on the products that you’re selling. However, using features like reels and stories to create interactive posts like behind-the-scenes, sneak peeks of future releases, and products that are ready to be launched videos is a very useful tactic to increase engagement.

2. Use Sponsored Ads to gain more customers: – Instagram advertisement for small businesses is an amazing way to gain more customers. This method is one of the most diverse methods for growing your business on Instagram.

There are several types of sponsored ads like photo, video, IGTV, reel and carousel ads. Additionally, stories can also be used to run ad campaigns. Sponsored Ads are an amazing way to target customers who are interested in the products you are selling.

3. Be consistent with your brand aesthetic: – It is essential to keep your brand the same from platform to platform. This will make your brand more trustworthy. It requires more work than sticking to a color code and brand logo.

It requires you to work on your messaging including Instagram DMS, Emails and other social media messages. Work on making your brand consistent with a pattern. That will make your brand more memorable and drive in more organic crowds and facilitate a higher conversion rate.

4. Use well-working hashtags: – The reality of using Instagram is to be well-acquainted with hashtags. However, for a post to get the right decisions, you will have to use well-working hashtags.

The easiest way to choose well-working hashtags is to look up popular and well-working hashtags for your industry. Alternatively, there are several tools online that may be of assistance to you.

5. Repost customer reviews: – Building trust is a difficult task with small businesses. However, reposting customer reviews like stories, reels or posts can be very helpful.

It will enable you to gain more organic customers. If you do not have a lot of customer reviews you can politely request a few of your customers to give one.

6. keep track of your social media metrics: – Metrics are crucial to gain insights about your business. Metrics like reach, click-throughs, follower growth and average engagement rate should be frequently analyzed.

By analyzing these metrics, you will be able to grasp the true pace of your business growth. Moreover, by studying these metrics you will realize if an ad campaign was successful or if more leads are turning to customers.

7. Seek help from an influencer: – Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of social media marketing. The best way to do this would be to seek the services of micro-influencers. Make sure that the influencer that you are about to seek help from is targeted in your industry.

Social media marketing service in India recommends users to check an influencer’s engagement rates to see if their audience is communicating with them or not. Choosing Micro influencers over mega influencers can work well for small businesses.

8. Conduct sales, giveaways or contests: – Sales and giveaways are an excellent way to drive up engagement as well as increase your customer base.  This is helpful in a lot of ways. This will allow you to target a large population of customers that are interested in the products that you sell. This will drive up your customer base significantly.

9. Optimize your Instagram bio: – There are several reasons why this is an important factor. Firstly, it will facilitate the indexing of your page. This way you will be able to rank higher on search engine result pages.

Use keywords that are appropriate for the products and the services that you offer. Try not to add unnecessary keywords or information and lastly make use of links to redirect your audience to your website.

10. Seek help from a social media marketing agency: – You can choose to avail of the services of an Instagram marketing agency. These agencies are equipped to handle any problems that hinder the growth of your business.

Therefore, with the help of the above-mentioned tips, you will surely be able to grow your business substantially.


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