What are the Top Content Marketing & SEO Trends?

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What are the Top Content Marketing & SEO Trends?

Content and SEO are currently such key marketing strategies that no brand can afford to brush them under the carpet. There is so much that comes under content marketing- blogs, newsletters, website copy, social media posts, etc. that you need a solid research-based strategy for it to show results.

What are the top trends in this field right now?

Creating a content marketing and SEO strategy for your brand that generates sales is a lot of work. Study all the trends that your successful competitors are leveraging. In this blog, we have discussed the most popular ones.

1. Voice Search Content & Natural Language Search

According to Google, 20% of mobile searches are now voice searches. According to a study by Emarketer, one-third of the US population uses voice search. Leverage this trend into your content marketing and SEO strategy to bring results.

Use natural language and create relevant content that is easy to read. For instance, the language of the chatbots on your website should be interactive and user-friendly. When you are answering a specific query through your content, try to make it specific and easy to skim through. We are an SEO company that offers the best SEO services in town.

2. Optimized Content for User Search Intent

Currently, Google highly focuses on delivering better optimized and personalized content to each user. So to build an effective content marketing and SEO strategy, perform in-depth keyword research. Only when you dig deep enough into your analytics and conduct studies will you discover the pain point of your target audience, and you will be able to solve it through your content.

You need to create ultra-targeted content that intimately speaks to them on a deeper level. Your content should serve the purpose of fulfilling the information needs of your niche audience. The writing should also perfectly fit into your brand’s tone and style guide. Including more current stats and data from reputable sources, infographics, and more depth exploration of topics increase the credibility of your content. We offer content marketing services to ensure that your brand content fulfills all these criteria.

3. Video content and visual storytelling

According to popular studies, 87% of online marketers use video content, and having a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Be it on Instagram stories or feeds users are much more likely to watch or engage with a video than in any other content format. But your video should not be without an agenda or goal.

Your video content will be much more effective when you incorporate storytelling into it. According to a HubSpot survey of over 3,000 consumers, 54% of 35-44-year-olds and 56% of 25-34-year-olds prefer more video content from brands they resonate with. To leverage this trend video content has to be at the center of your content marketing and SEO strategy.

4. Bite-sized content for the win

If you see the content consumption patterns of the Millennials and Gen Z’s, you will notice how quickly they skim through content (mostly even skip if it doesn’t capture their attention within 2-3 seconds). No wonder Instagram reels became such a massive hit on the platform. Include snappy, trendy, and interactive content in your content strategy to quickly capture the attention of your target audience (especially the younger age group) towards your brand.

Even if you want to serve long-form content to your audience to solve their pain point, ensure it is easily digestible. Present your articles and blogs in listicle form with lots of bullets and topics of discussion. Don’t repeat similar points, and maximize the value you are adding through your content. We are a content marketing agency that can help you with ideation of content strategy for your brand.

5. Automation will play a massive role

Most of the SEO practices currently, be it technical audits, search intent analysis, or competitor analysis are automated. SEO professionals have become more python savvy that leads to the automation of key areas such as technical audits, tools for analysis, and other areas of research.

SEO practices are changing at a fast pace, and SEO experts are dealing with even bigger and more complex sites. There are so many gaps in technology, skills, and resources, and without the aid of technology, you cannot bridge those gaps. Automation will help in reducing the time from data acquisition to insights to action. So SEO service providers will need to invest more in robust technology in the upcoming years. We offer affordable SEO services to help you grow your brand through a solid SEO plan.

6. Personalization is the future

The most trending buzzword recently in the content marketing industry is “personalization.” You need to understand that your target audience is bombarded with tons of content every day. So how will you ensure that your brand content creates an impression in front of them? How will your content stand out? The answer is simple. You need to provide a more personalized experience to your audience. Your content should be designed to make your readers feel that it is specifically addressed to them.

Customizing content for each user based on their search history, last social media activity, actions taken on-site, and so on is the trendiest content marketing trend right now that hugely influences SEO. For instance, if a user downloads a particular free guide or e-book or template from your website, next time you can offer them a similar paid offer. Adapting your content to create personalized experiences can bring great results. Adidas is a brand that follows this strategy. They send different emails to men and women depending on what appeals better to each gender. It has increased their open rate by 26%.

Content and SEO marketing is the future for all brands. Without having these strategies, no brand can succeed in the future, no matter how great its offering is. The market right now is crowded, and only a solid content marketing and SEO strategy can help you outgrow this competition.