SEO brings massive results on a Small Business Budget

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SEO brings massive results on a Small Business Budget

Running an SEO campaign for your business isn’t a one-time thing. It is a long-term commitment that requires a decent budget and resources. But the good news is that even if you can only allot a shoestring budget for your SEO campaign it can still give you results provided you have a solid strategy.

What should be the proper SEO strategy for a tight budget?

To run an SEO campaign on a small business budget and still bring in effective results can be a bit tricky. But if you follow the strategy discussed below, you are more likely to succeed.

1. Identify the things you have to cut down upon

To fit your SEO campaign within a small budget there will be a lot of things you cannot afford to invest in. For instance, paid research tools that cost you around $200 to $500 per user per month or SEO experts who charge you a bomb.

2. Determine how you can work around those gaps

Next, you need to figure out the best alternatives for the things you cannot afford to invest in. For instance, you can look for free or cheap keyword research tools instead of expensive ones.

If you do not have the budget to hire SEO professionals who charge premium rates, you can go for local SEO companies offering affordable SEO services. We are an SEO company in Bhopal, India that can help you build a solid SEO strategy, even on a small budget.

3. Identify your strengths in the SEO domain

When you work with a cutthroat budget, you need to leverage the strengths you already have in terms of SEO. Perhaps your team is good at creating high-quality, juicy content that has the potential to rank high.

So use that as an advantage to gain high-quality backlinks. If you have a copywriter who can craft perfect ad copies play on that strength. These are things that you can nail even with a minimal budget. We are an SEO company in India that can help you with your brand’s SEO strategy.

4. Fix what is not working first

Before you go ahead and implement your SEO strategies, you need to correct what is already wrong with your website. For this, you need to perform a comprehensive SEO audit that will help in the identification of the problems in your website that can degrade your SEO performance.

You can analyze the following points:

What is the status of the technical setup of your site?

How good is your backlink profile?

Is the search engine smoothly able to crawl over your index pages?

What pages are optimized and performing well in the SERPs?

These questions can be a starting point for you to figure out what things need to be improved, and eventually you can dig deeper.

5. Get your creative juices flowing

To make the most of your SEO budget, you need to think out of the box. You can think of unique ways to drive organic traffic to your page. For instance, if you are promoting visual products, you can focus on ranking your images for image searches. You can even consider optimizing your web page for other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.

6. Learn from Your Competitors

See what your competitors ranking top in the search engine are doing differently. What links are their websites backlinking to? See if you can build higher-quality backlinks by reaching out to those websites. Analyze how their copy is better than yours and use the analysis to fill the gaps in your website copy.

Check if their featured snippet is performing well and figure out how you can craft something better that outperforms it. However, do not blindly copy your competitors. Implement only the things that are working out well for their websites.

7. Fill the Gaps in Your Competitors’ Website

It is a brilliant strategy to outrank your competitor’s website even at a low budget. Go through the blogs on your competitor’s website and analyze the topics they have not covered. Go through their customer reviews and comments to figure out where their website is lacking.

Track conversations of their target audience in relevant online publications, forums, etc. It will give you a fair idea of where your competitors are failing so that you can bridge those gaps in your business website. We are an SEO service provider offering the best SEO services to small businesses.

8. Improve what you already have on your website

If you are limited to a small business budget, you do not have the luxury to start everything from scratch. So instead, focus on making the stuff better that already exists on your website. For instance, if you already have blogs on your website, you can hire someone to tweak those blogs to make them more engaging rather than re-writing the entire blog or writing a new blog completely.

While the former approach will cost you less, it will still give results. Can you improve the content on your website just by adding a video file or a high-definition image? Add it. Can your copy be made more attractive just by a round of edits? Get it done. You do not always need a new content creation strategy. Sometimes, content refreshing works as well.

9. Focus on Local SEO Optimization

It is the perfect SEO strategy for small businesses like yours. With a limited SEO budget, you cannot think of competing internationally, but you can focus on dominating local search through local SEO. Register your business with Google My Business.

The process will be over in just a few clicks as long as you have a Gmail account. All you need to do is fill in a form with your business details like address, name, contact number, etc. A great benefit of this feature is that your business map will appear on the SERPs when someone searches your business.

Building an effective SEO strategy is more than just about the money. If you are resourceful enough, many SEO strategies can be implemented even on a small budget and still give results.