SEO for Medical Websites

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SEO for Medical Websites

Many people will tell you to create a website because once you own a business, you need a website. This reason is the tip of the iceberg. The real reason is that you need a website because it’s where your customers are spending most of their time.

Apply the same concept to a medical and healthcare facility. You are not doing business to just gain profits but you are treating patients to enhance their quality of living. You know you can do a good job at improving people’s health conditions. However, since the market is so competitive, you have to make sure that you market your healthcare or medical facility the right way to get more patients to come to you for treatment.

You may be having free services or discounts for patients who can’t afford expensive treatments. Well, an SEO agency can help you gain consistent flow of patients and even increase footfalls over considerable time. You can receive quality and relevant people who require treatment, qualitatively.

SEO for Medical Websites

55 percent searchers click on one for the first three clinics or hospital search entries. To make sure your hospital or treatment center is in the list of the top three searches, start SEO now.

How do you ensure that patients come to your website first and take action before moving on? Answer their queries; consider reaching out to patients and winning their trust that your treatment center is reliable. But how do you do this? Consider hiring an SEO agency that can generate pathways to rank your website on Google.

Here’s how we can perform SEO for your medical website:

1. Make your website fast, secure, and mobile friendly

When a patient clicks your website, if it doesn’t upload in less than two seconds, you’re in trouble. We don’t mean to scare you but patients, like all people, lack the patience to wait for a slow website to open up. So, we’ll make sure your website speed is improved and smooth. We’ll also ensure that your website has HTTPS, which means that your website is secure. Yet another need for the hour is that your website stays mobile-friendly. Patients check for online treatment from their mobile phones more as compared to checking on their desktops or laptops.

2. Create plenty of pages and add quality content

Your website needs content that meets your patient’s wants and requirements. So, we’ll optimize your website’s content by getting our SEO content writers to create content for blogs, articles, e-books, press releases, landing pages, and of course, website content. What your patients read on your website has to make sense to them. And, in doing so, they should be able to develop trust in what you advocate.

3. Pick the right medical keywords for your website

What illness or condition are you treating? Is it obesity, diabetes, or a range of treatments? Based on the treatments you offer, we’ll find the right keywords that patients or their family members type in search pages to find the right doctor. Keywords are required and they are the key tools that affect the ranking of your website. For instance, best allergy treatment in “city name” or weight loss center near me, and more.

4. Generate medical schema; optimize title tags and meta descriptions

A web page’s title tag is the major aspect in ranking a website. The meta description has more weight too, however, it now displays automated meta descriptions based on the content. Nonetheless, we need to fill both sections.

If you have a WordPress medical website, we’ll install a plugin to edit your titles and meta descriptions. We’ll insert relevant keywords in your title tag and meta description, as well as adding schema for doctors or medical professionals.

Schema is a type of website code that gives Google specific information and context about your web page. Schema will help make it easier for search engines to interpret the objective of your website.

5. Optimize images and videos

Quality content does not only signify adding texts. There’s more to content and those are images and videos. We’ll optimize images and videos by adding relevant and selected keywords. Our services include optimizing images and videos to ensure that your website is more reliable for patients who visit your website. Also, adding images and videos for your website makes it a more personalized space for patients who need more information about your treatments.

6. Build off-site authority like quality backlinks, social signals and directory citations

Google’s ranking factors include off-site indicators like links back to your website, among other ranking factors. Google can trust and approve of your website when it views any type of offsite authority. These include external links that lead to your site, directory listings, and even social media profiles.

Just so you know, social media plays a huge role in SEO activities because people can find you even through social media. Where are people mostly when they need information? –On Social Media, that’s right! 42 percent of individuals viewing health information on social media look at patients’ reviews related to their searches.

7. Complete your Google My Business account to acquire local business too

Google My Business accounts are one of the main pillars that hold your revenue fortress. Patients prefer health services that are close to home, and searches containing the phrase “near me” are most commonly used. So, we’ll make sure that you show up in local searches in Google’s local pack of the popularly searched 4 – 5 business listings.

The information in Google’s local pack is extracted from a few places, but mainly from your Google My Business Account. You need to fill up basic information about your website in this account.

  • Select the category of your business
  • Enter your clinic phone number
  • Add the company’s description
  • Mentioned the clinic hours of operation
  • Add the correct address or service area
  • Let the patient reviews show

We know your patient’s lives matter more and that’s why it is crucial that they know more about you. Gaining their trust will help you help them. Let our SEO agency bring you the business you want through expert and effective online organic marketing activities. We’ll do SEO for your medical website, solely focusing on obtaining results for your brand.