Tracking Serious Customers on your Website through SEO

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Tracking Serious Customers on your Website through SEO

Do you have a website that is gaining recognition as you work towards developing its value on several fronts? Knowing about website traffic and measuring it are two different sides of the game. If you want to track and measure the traffic coming to your website, you can hire an SEO agency to do the same.

The benefits of hiring an SEO agency for measuring website traffic

An SEO agency will deliver many benefits for your website’s ranking performance. At SEOTonic, we make sure that our clients benefit from our work on a long term basis.

Here’s how you can benefit from SEO activities to track website traffic:

  • You get to maintain a record of the number of website visitors per day. By knowing this, you can plan further action to increase website traffic.
  • The metrics and tools used to measure traffic will also identify the type of website visitors. Are they relevant users? Are they potential and serious customers or bots?
  • The measuring tactics help you understand which stage your customers are in at the moment. Not all customers will be on the same stage as they were before.
  • Through SEO efforts, you get to know the traffic source and what encouraged them to visit your website.

These benefits are what you get through organic marketing activities and the SEO tools used. Let’s find out how and what is used to measure the performance of SEO activities.

Tracking and measuring website traffic through SEO

Our team of experts at SEOTonic will measure website traffic through tools and insights gathered. Let’s begin exploring the metrics and measuring methods involved. The metrics used will be based on your company goals and objectives.

You want website traffic, but what do you want your visitors to do after landing on your homepage? Some of our clients had achieved the following objectives when we performed robust SEO activities:

  • 55% increase in clicks for DIY videos on the website.
  • 45% website traffic increased on the product page to buy pet toys for cats.
  • 67% of visitors spent an average time of 3.5 minutes on the metal recycling web page for vans.

We can measure metrics for your website based on your objectives and primary goal. Let us know what you are looking for on +91 (989) 339-0926 or email us at

A glimpse of the metrics to track and use for your brand

We will measure the following:

  • Engagement metrics – Tracking how visitors are engaging with your website.
  • Conversion rate – Determining the ROI through a formula-based approach; the number of conversions divided by the number of unique visits. The conversions could be based on a single or collective action.
  • Time spent on a web page – Tracking the time spent by visitors on your web pages.
  • Pages per visit – Tracking the number of pages each visitor browsed. The more or less number of pages visited depends on the nature of your brand and its objectives.
  • Bounce rate – Identifying the rate at which visitors are leaving your website and at which point.
  • Scroll depth – This metric helps you understand the length at which visitors scroll down your website pages.
  • Search traffic – To check if your website is on everyone’s search list when they type a product specific to what you sell.

Google Analytics helps determine website visitor insights

Google Analytics is a platform that shares data of all kinds. We, as SEO experts, take one look at a metrics table and identify our next steps for your brand.

Here is again a glimpse into the kinds of data we can follow for you. Note that the list provided is just the start; however, there’s so much more that we will do for your brand.

  • The number of visitors per page – Quantification of visitors, unique visitors, etc., per web page.
  • Isolate organic traffic – Google Analytics enables a metric called isolate organic traffic that lets you view the traffic to a specific site by channel. A channel refers to the means from which traffic was received, for example, paid ad campaign.
  • Visits in specific durations – You can view total sessions/users/page views to your site within date ranges.
  • Traffic measured from specific campaigns – Special UTM-code links are used to measure the unique visitors who have clicked on a particular ad campaign.
  • CTR or Click-Through Rate – You can identify the percentage of people who visited your website through search results.

We use many other SEO metrics like checking the domain authority and page authority of websites, keyword rankings, and quantifying backlinks.

How healthy is your website?

Auditing is used as a term in the world of Accounting. In Digital Marketing, when SEO experts analyse your website status, we call it website auditing. What happens in website auditing? We study the following health parameters of your website:

  • Website crawling – We check whether your website, at present, is being searched or scanned by search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • Indexed pages – We’ll analyse whether your site can be easily found after typing your site’s URL and specific page links.
  • Page titles and meta descriptions – Every website has brief descriptions for each of its pages. We’ll check whether the description and title given for each page justify the proper communication for users to understand what you are selling.
  • Page speed – We will check the loading time of your web pages and the improvements that we can make to enhance your website’s performance.
  • Content quality – At the end of the day, the quality of the content and information you add to your website matters. So, we will check the improvements that need to be made in content related to the details shared and user-friendly content formats.

We use several high-end tools such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Lighthouse Audit, page-speed insights, etc. These tools help us identify fixes that need to be made to enhance website ranking and performance.

Are you looking for an SEO firm that can track and measure incoming traffic to your website? Look no further; SEOTonic can be your expert team to bring your website to the forefront of potential customer’s search results. Connect with us for a free consultation and watch your website traffic give you the ROI you deserve.