Top 5 GMB Questions – Answered

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Top 5 GMB Questions – Answered

Those who have a Google My Business (GMB) account are aware of its functions and features. However, like many other brands with GMB accounts, you too must have some commonly related queries. Most of the questions are technically related since the benefits and value provided to your business are well known.

Today, we’ll explore some of the common GMB questions business owners ask on the GMB help community platform.

Top 5 GMB questions – answered

Many small, less established local businesses may not hire digital marketing agencies to set up and manage their GMB account. So, it’s the hired intern, a non-digital staff member, or the owners themselves who handle the account. We recommend joining the GMB help community forum to get your doubts resolved. This forum has helped those struggling with technical issues, but we’re your local SEO geeks if you’d instead hire local SEO services.

Anyway, getting back to the questions asked and the solutions provided.

Our GMB profile shows updates that we didn’t make. Why is this happening?

Sometimes, Google does this sneaky thing of adding services, features, or updates that aren’t true about your business. Its algorithm is not fooling around; it’s just that Google uses information from varied online sources to assess accuracy and completion.

For instance, a company provides services for developing customized software solutions. However, Google somehow managed to update the company’s GMB profile by adding Tango dance classes.

How did Google manage this?!?

The software company mentioned a testimonial and case study about a Tango dance instructor who happened to be their client. The client had hired their services to develop software that recorded dance steps and analyzed every movement to assess and improvise.

So, Google fetched this information as it assumed that the software company also provided tango dance lessons.

In its aim to help businesses get the perfect profile, Google goes around checking social media platforms, online directories, official business accrediting websites, review sites, etc., to make updates.

That’s why it’s essential to check your GMB profile frequently. Suppose you want to check edits made to your listing. Open your GMB profile account and head over to the ‘Info’ section. Any updates made will appear in different text colors to catch your attention.

You will then find an option that will help you edit the updated change, which solves the issue.

My business model comes under a category that is not provided in the category list.

Google has more than 3000 categories, and it gets smarter every day. Because of the vast number of industry types, you might lose yourself in trying to find the one category that matches precisely with your business. is a website that shows the entire list of GMB categories. So, visit this website if you want to get a closer look before selecting a category.

What happens if you still don’t find the category with an exact match? Find the closest match and move on! Google is nothing but an intelligent algorithm that will make the correct associations related to your business. So, if your company sells GYM equipment and you select the category ‘fitness center’, Google will allow your site to appear in search results when potential clients type similar search terms.

Suppose, one fine day; you find a category that perfectly fits your business; you can always change and update. However, frequent category updates can trigger an account suspension. So, make no changes in categories unless absolutely necessary.

If you are still facing issues with updating your GMB account, connect with our SEO agency to help you.

My GMB postcard PIN displays an error prompt when I enter the PIN. 

An error in pin code can mean more than a few factors. Firstly, remember that the PIN verification code is valid for not more than 30 days. If it’s been more than 30 days since you requested the postcard, the code is deemed invalid.

The second reason could be that you made a few more changes to your GMB account while waiting for the verification PIN code to arrive. If you make changes in transit, the algorithm is led to think that your account is due for a new verification. This process invalidates the code that was on its way to your home or office address.

Now that’s a rare issue and should not happen, but it’s best not to make GMB account updates until you apply the PIN code.

The edits I make go into pending review for a long time. How do I speed up the process?

Google takes about 48 hours to evaluate and review your GMB listing. It checks whether you’ve followed Google’s guidelines for representing your business on its platform.

If Google hasn’t approved your edits, it will share notifications like “Pending” or “Some edits are pending”.

Please make sure that you aren’t constantly heading over to your account and updating new information. Wait until the review process is complete.

Also, another crucial point to note, more severe than the above, is your type of category. For instance, if your business falls under the category where spams commonly occur, like garage door companies, locksmiths, plumbers, etc., GMB will scrutinize your business to see if you own a legitimate business.

Now, GMB is all about local business listings, so an address is mandatory. That is why if you don’t have an address to prove your company’s location, that’s a GMB terms violation right there! You could opt for local SEO services to resolve the issue.

However, if you are a service area business provider, then select service areas like zip codes, cities, states, counties, etc. You will have to contact the GMB support team to approve your pending once updated your address or listing.

My PIN postcard hasn’t arrived yet. Can I resend the instructions?

Some people do not receive postcards as a result of violating address rules or using fake addresses. Do not use a PO Box, phony address, virtual office, UPS box, or co-working space as your address. This will not make you eligible to have a GMB account.

However, if you do not receive a postcard within 14 business days, request another postcard from your GMB account.

We hope these common questions can help solve some of the struggles you may have while setting your GMB account. If you still can’t catch a break with GMB and you need help from an SEO agency, we’re here, ready to connect for providing you with local SEO services.