What you need to know about Google’s Knowledge Panel

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What you need to know about Google’s Knowledge Panel

Look to the right for Google’s Knowledge Panel. If your brand does not have one, it’s time to make one. What is a Google Knowledge Panel, why does a business need it, and how will it help? In today’s blog post, we will share the what, why, and how of this data collection block.

What does a Google Knowledge Panel look like?

Suppose you search for your favourite superstar on Google’s search engine. You get a search results page, and if you look to the right, a block with selected information is displayed. It shows a few images, their birth date, place, and description, adequately arranged within the block. This block is what a knowledge panel looks like, and Google’s knowledge graph powers it.

So, the panel shows the information on the particular entity you are researching. It is a quick preview on topics like a renowned personality, animal, place, country, or other subjects.

Why is a Google Knowledge Panel useful for businesses?

If you want your business to be found in search results, a knowledge panel is beneficial. Details like your name, brand, including the name of your business, can be displayed for your target audience to find you.

However, Google will decide whether or not to show you or your brand on a panel. How does Google decide this; you will soon find out.

If Google shows you or your business in the knowledge panel, you have managed to take over the search results on the screen’s right side. Even on mobile, the panel will appear between other search results, but its display is very noticeable and catches the audience’s eye.

Let’s take the example of a lampshade. Suppose people who are searching for lampshades type the keyword and location for the point of purchase. If your business sells lampshades, Google will display your brand up, front, and right side on the desktop screen. People are more likely to click on the knowledge panel. They will find information on lampshades after being led to your website.

So, it’s that simple to get noticed, right? Is it easy for your brand to appear on a knowledge panel as opposed to your competitors? Let’s find out.

How does Google create a knowledge panel?

Google’s engine connects all the data that it can find on the web to display about your brand. However, information gathered may not necessarily appear directly just because you have set up a website. There are influencing factors guiding the creation of a knowledge panel.

Google plays the decision-maker when it comes to showing the knowledge panel in the search results. On the other hand, Google does offer ways to provide information to be used in the panel. The type of panel also differs, making requirements vary as well. For instance, a local business will have a local panel different from that of a brand or a person.

For a local business

The first thing you need to do if you have a local business is to create a local panel. Open a Google My Business account. As you open this account, you will be provided with ways to verify your business. After the verification is done and complete, you can add or edit relevant information about your business. You can add the address to your local business store, the opening hours, and relevant photos. Once you create this information in your Google My Business account, you have set it all up for a knowledge panel.

You can also verify your site through Google Search Console and a structured data markup.

Now that you’ve set up all necessary data, Google holds the power to decide on a knowledge panel. If you or a competitor’s details should be crowned on the right block panel, it is a decision Google will make. This decision is made in the best interest of the audience for providing quality information.

However, you should know that the selection is based on relevance, distance, and the business’s prominence. So, make sure that your website works properly and has a high-authority domain that can help enhance your chances.

Branded or personal panels

So far, you are not allowed to apply for a branded or personal panel. Google holds the full power to make that decision. No, there are no control tactics here, simply audience-centric decisions.

Are you renowned enough that people have been searching for you for a long time?

Well, Google will decide whether or not information about you or your brand requires a knowledge panel display. If there is high domain authority, a panel will appear. Established brands and renowned people will have a knowledge panel. That is why you will readily see right-hand side blocks for superstars, famous brands, and politicians showing up quickly. If a Wikipedia page is dedicated to these people, then a knowledge panel is most probably present.

If you have a personal knowledge panel, verifying your account should not be that difficult. You have to follow Google’s easy instructions to verify.

  • Log in to your Google account and sign in to the official site you wish to verify.
  • Follow the steps that will show up in front of you; they are easy to understand.
  • Once you get a verified notification, you have a verified account. Congratulations!
  • You will be allowed to suggest changes to influence what your panel should look like.

It’s not very hard to get a knowledge panel, but efforts to make one does a get little tricky. Your business may be part of a competitive market. You need to make sure that your website has a high domain authority over your competitors. This high domain authority will make your brand eligible for a panel display. So, work towards persistent branding, and you will one day fill the spot of Google’s Knowledge Panel.

If this sounds like a lot of work and effort, then let SEOTonic make this happen for you. While you focus on taking your business ahead, we’ll ensure the perfect knowledge panel for you and your brand.



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