Impact of SEO in eCommerce Statistics and Trends

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Impact of SEO in eCommerce Statistics and Trends

The impact of Covid-19 spread all across the world has been different for different industries. While the lockdowns affected the business of all scales, the growth of e-commerce is beyond imagination within the past six months. The e-commerce platform witnessed a 17% growth post-pandemic, which is a huge leap. The web developers have crucial roles to play in this development.

Online shopping preference

With lockdowns and social distancing stopping the visits to the shopping malls and departmental stores, people are now inclining to shop online. Earlier, there was a misconception that online platforms sell poor quality products. But when you sell quality products on the online platform, and people start purchasing them either out of curiosity or need, words will spread regarding the high quality. As you know, nothing works faster than social media recommendations, and you will get many if you can sell premium products.

Optimization is essential

After analyzing the present eCommerce Statistics and Trends, you will realize that it is almost mandatory to join hands with a top-notch Digital Marketing company like SEOTonic, which will aid in transforming your website into a perfect platform for customer handling.

  • Incorporating the right content is extremely necessary as potential customers will visit your website if they notice regular, relevant blogs from your website.
  • Investing in product photography is vital as the customers virtually feel your product and test the quality through pictures. They also imagine the functionality or appearance of the product by taking a close look at the images. So you must put the best pictures of the products.
  • Optimizers will focus on the key features of both the images and writing. It will help to compete with the similar items available in the market.

Drive more traffic

There are various tips and tricks to drive more traffic to your website. The optimizers always emphasize the loading speed of the page, especially on smartphones. Nowadays, maximum people visit e-commerce sites on their smartphones. So if the loading time is higher, an impatient customer will never wait and move on to the next company on the list of the search engine.

Stay at the top

To increase the sale through an e-commerce platform, you need to be there right at the top of the search engine result page whenever a user posts an inquiry about relevant products. And this is perhaps the most challenging task, given the present condition. So the role of the optimizer is crucial in this regard. The competition is very high across the online platform as even the small business organizations are going digital. You will be amazed to know that the maximum spending of customers over the various e-commerce platforms happened during April and May 2020, and it even surpassed the growth in the past 12 years.

Website boosts digital sales

The responsibility of the SEO company is to keep your website clutter-free so that people like the appearance of the site and have a positive impression about the site on visiting the landing page. Optimization is the beginning and foundation of your growth on the e-commerce platform.