Various Ways to Audit Sites Right inside Corporate or Private Networks

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Various Ways to Audit Sites Right inside Corporate or Private Networks

The time has come to turn your private or VPN URLs into the temporary ones. This stage will allow for all the page changes but will hide the content to preserve the current privacy it holds. There are easy ways available nowadays to audit sites inside corporate networks.

There are so many companies which are working in-house. For them, it is mandatory to connect to the present corporate network first with the help of a VPN client. After that, they have to work extra to run some of the auditing tools for reviewing the available pages.

Just like the SEO  tools, there are some tools available for such services, which you get to run on your computer directly. ScreamingFrog Spider is one such example of a downloadable program to consider. But, there are multiple enterprise sites, which have so many pages. These pages make crawling from your said computer impractical, mainly due to some machine resources or constraints.

Searching the internet will let you come across some of the cloud-based crawlers like Oncrawl, Ryte, and more. These options are always better suited for this form of work. However, they are not quite able to audit sites inside any of the private networks.

Some major changes taking place:

Apart from the points mentioned already, there are some other valuable tools like URL inspection tools from Bing and Google, which are made critical for auditing some of the JS based content. In case you are currently working side any agency, you might have some issues with privacy and security compliance, which is important for any enterprise. So, having any extensive security question is important before considering a vendor.

Audit sites using network-based admin tools:

It is always vital to be properly aware of the techniques and tools, otherwise used in the IT and development industries. There are multiple tools available, which are familiar with the system and network administrators. Some of those options are mitmproxy and ngrok.

You can use the later one for turning your private URLs into public ones for a temporary time frame. You can also use the mitmproxy for making some of the necessary changes to the available page and then hiding or obfuscate content and preserve the same privacy. It will need to write some of the simple possible Python scripts.

Going through the HTTP tunnels:

HTTP tunnels and the proxy servers are working their ways out to facilitate access to all the content on WWW. This proxy can be widely used on the local computer of the user or anywhere between the destination server on the internet and the user’s computer.

These HTTP tunnels are mainly categorized as standard approaches for relaying pages or requests and make them promisingly available from any one particular source to another. Here, the ngrok is used for creating HTTP tunnels, and then you have mitmproxy to be working as a reverse proxy.

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