Here’s Why Your Website Needs SEO for Images!

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Here’s Why Your Website Needs SEO for Images!

In the cut-throat competition of today, SEO is one of the powerful tools that businesses use in order to rank high on search engines. SEO helps in increasing the visibility of the businesses and enhancing the brand awareness. However, to stay ahead, along with availing technical SEO service for the various aspects of a website, businesses should focus on SEO for images. According to statistics, people receive images for 22.6% of their search queries on the top search engine Google. This definitely gives you an idea of the relevance of images in search engine optimization.,2.3%20trillion%20searches%20this%20year.&text=Google’s%20search%20algorithm%20uses%20more%20than%20200%20factors%20to%20rank%20websites.

Here are a few other reasons why SEO for images is important for your website.

Better Ranking

The act of photo search on Google has gained a lot of popularity these days. A majority of people go through the images on Google and visit the source in case the picture seems attractive. By optimizing the images, you can easily get a higher ranking for image search on Google. Moreover, this will help in attracting more traffic for your website and increasing the sales of your products. So you see how immensely helpful images can be when it comes to organic traffic & optimized leads.

Enhances Site Load Time

In the fast-paced world of today, the loading time of a website matters a lot to people. A site that takes more time to load may lead to abandonment by the viewers. Reducing picture size is an important element of image SEO. This, in turn, can help your website to load faster and drive in more viewers.

Increasing demand for Visual Search

Like the voice search, the demand for visual search on Google is increasing among the users too. Previously, it was only about image search on Google. However, today visual search and image search are merging. Pretty soon visual search will become an important part of SEO by merging with voice & textual search and will be known as conversational search. This is why it is important to avail image SEO services from a top SEO agency right now, to rank better.

Creating Positive User Experience

Creating a positive user experience is important to attract more customers and grow your business. Having SEO-friendly images on your website is an effective way to ensure an overall positive user experience. It not only helps in engaging your target customers better but also enables lowering the bounce rate of your website.

Tips for Effective Image SEO

Now that you are well aware of the importance of image SEO, you would definitely want to implement it on your website. To make it easy for you, here are some of the simple yet effective image SEO tips.

  • Select the right format of the image
  • Use unique and relevant images
  • Reduce and optimize the image size to increase your website speed
  • Make use of descriptive names for the image files
  • Add the SEO-friendly text to enhance the accessibility
  • Add concise captions to the images

Acquiring a top position on the popular search engines may seem to be challenging, but using the right SEO techniques makes it easier. With image SEO, you can smoothly drive more organic traffic to your website and ensure greater success for your business.