Boost Your Traffic & Revenue with QA Testing for SEO

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Boost Your Traffic & Revenue with QA Testing for SEO

SEO is one of the top priorities for every business. In order to rank high on the search results of Google and other search engines, most businesses avail the professional SEO services. However, this is not enough. Any shortcomings with the SEO of your website, can impact your ranking as well as the organic traffic. As 93% of the online user experiences star with the search engine, you definitely can’t afford to have SEO issues.

This is what makes it important to avail QA testing for SEO. It helps in identifying the potential SEO issues and finding out ways to enhance your website’s ranking.

When it comes to SEO testing, it must be performed at different stages of development in order to ensure error-free optimization before it goes live. The various stages at which SEO testing must be done include production, staging, development, and written specs.

Let’s take a deeper look into the process

Here are some of the steps involved in the QA testing of SEO.

Comparison Testing

Comparison testing is an important element of QA testing for SEO. It is essential to make effective comparisons between the two versions of the source codes. It can be between the staging and production or production and its previous version and so on.

Change Monitoring

Businesses that adopt QA testing for SEO usually test it effectively and thoroughly at the staging site. However, things do change as it goes to the production stage, thereby making it important to monitor the change. Tracking the changes can ensure better safety of your website from the SEO issues.

Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive testing includes testing all the important aspects of SEO. Different businesses have different priorities when it comes to the elements of search engine optimization. So, depending on what matters to your business the most, you can carry out the comprehensive SEO testing with the help of the experts.

Automation Testing

When you are well aware of all the different elements of SEO that you want to test, conducting automation testing is an ideal option. It not only helps in making your SEO elements better but also ensures greater efficiency.

Change Detection

In order to attract more visitors, businesses keep changing and updating their websites. However, certain changes or additions may lead to a reduction in web traffic and loss of revenues. Therefore, it is important to conduct QA testing and detect such changes. Change detection will help you find out whether the change is favorable or not.

Few Tips to Conduct QA testing for SEO

Here are some of the effective tips to consider while performing QA testing for SEO.

Reviewing the changes

In order to ensure optimum organic traffic, there are several changes that you must review while SEO testing. Some of them are titles, redirects, keyword usage, page size, word count, meta description, canonicals, and more.

The Pages to be tested

As you are aware of what matters to your business the most, make sure to identify the pages that are to be tested. It can be the home page, product info page, blog posts, HTML sites, or any other page in need of proper optimization.

Testing the Matrix

Apart from the content pages and templates, you also need to test the matrix. It may be challenging, but testing it is important.

Conducting QA testing for SEO is the best way to reduce the SEO risks for your website. But don’t worry, with the assistance of an SEO agency, you can easily boost your ranking!