How structured data helps search rankings and traffic

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How structured data helps search rankings and traffic

SEO scripts are, without a doubt, the best means of boosting your website’s search ranking. An SEO agency that is proficient with their task, can easily help advance the site’s indexing and, in turn, the traffic inflow as well. Even with all the boost, it’s only human nature to ask for more, especially when it comes down to business. And sometimes, even the sophistication of SEO script fails to live up to our expectations. This is precisely the time to try out, and awe over, the perks of structured data.

As the terminology suggests, it is basically the task of organizing the data, albeit with the help of tools, of a website in such a manner that the quality of content is improved to an extent that the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings improve by leaps and bounds. A firm disclaimer that this method does not, in any way, directly affect the rankings of the page. To put it simply, it just helps make the contents of the website more presentable. Hence, imparting it with the required boost.

The following are elucidations on a few of the features offered by Schema and in what way they chunk up the numbers flaunted by a website.

1. Webpage Schema

For a basic explanation, WebPage Schema takes charge of informing the search engine bot about the topics and subjects that the page contains. Segregable into two categories, namely ‘about’ and ‘mentions’, it gives a layout of all the information that the user might find on the site.

The ‘about’ section contains keywords upon which the page is primarily based on, whereas the ‘mentions’ section holds every other topic that has been mentioned in the process. As for the results yielded by the feature, two-thirds of the pages saw a soar in rankings!

2. ItemList Schema

Effective exclusively for web pages that feature a list of items, the ItemList schema improves the traffic in its own unique way. Incorporating this feature results in the web page qualifying as a featured snippet for the search engine. Featured snippets are results that the search engine deems to be of utmost compatibility to the users’ requirements.

These snippets are displayed at the very top of the ‘search results’ page. The user choosing to visit the page displayed in the snippet is more than double of what it would’ve been conventionally. Hence, the ginormous increase in the pageview statistics of the concerned page.

3. FAQ Schema

FAQ Schema focuses and plays with yet another section of an SERP. Whenever a search is performed by a user, a ‘People Also Ask’ box is displayed along with it. This box contains other websites or pages that are relevant to the search performed. A page, which sees low traffic, when gets featured in this section is bound to gain traffic.

The increment in results varies, based upon the type of website, but there is definitely a surge in the number of visits anyways!

Take a note of each of the aforementioned options, incorporate them, and observe that your ambitions slowly crawl towards fruition! That is, enjoy never-seen-before SERP rankings.