Compensating the adverseness of seasonality: Effective use of filler content for SEO

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Compensating the adverseness of seasonality: Effective use of filler content for SEO

A steady and certain traffic inflow is often better than an erratic and uncertain one. Sure, hiring an SEO agency is supposed to improve the web traffic and it indeed does so. But even then, there are certain periods, or seasons, when the number of visits to the site takes a huge hit. The frequency of seasonality and the degree of loss varies, and primarily depends, on the type of goods or services offered by the site.

There are a series of steps, that an SEO agency may make use of, to safeguard your website against these unfavorable dips. A culmination of careful analysis, tool choice, and implementation are all that one will need to stay on top of their game, all year round. The first step of the process requires you to identify the type of seasonality that your site goes through. These can be grouped into 4 elaborate categories:

  • Event-based seasonality:

Pretty much self-explanatory, this type of seasonality occurs by virtue of specific calendar events. Holidays, sporting events, and other annual events make for decent examples.

  • Multi-month seasonality:

The seasons of productivity last somewhere around 3 to 9 months in this particular category. The reasons behind these dips are vague as well as expansive in nature, as in, they cover a lot of areas.

  • Peak and taper type:

This type of trend may be witnessed at the start of a calendar year. The time when festivities are at a peak but slowly and steadily the mass interest of the crowd tapers off. Such spikes are generally, but not exclusively, related to health and prosperity.

  • Constantly fluctuating

These fluctuations display no particular pattern and hence, predicting an offseason is near about impossible. Therefore, the task of maintaining traffic to these sites is arduous, to say the least!

The next task that a technical SEO service performs to maintain the traffic inflow until the productivity season arrives. The three most sought after methods are as follows.

  • Having decided on the category of seasonality that your business suffers; it is important to prepare a plan that keeps your site crowded, throughout the calendar year. Indulge in and incorporate different methods to do so.
  • Instead of tiring your visitors with promotional content for your products, it is smart to try and keep them interested in different, yet vaguely, relevant topics. Your site becomes a source of valuable information while simultaneously keeping a check on the traffic.
  • Off-seasons are a great time for expansion of the business. Running advertising campaigns with a related industry is sure to bring in mutual benefits. Other approaches could be to run PR-campaigns and survey that help make your presence known during the period.

Dealing with drawbacks is easier when you can predict them. It lets you prepare for the harshness that comes with it. When it comes to business, it isn’t much of a choice anymore! Make use of this detailed guide to help you remain ahead of the curve, i.e., when your rivals are trying to understand and organize everything, you are busy winning the audience.