How to use the features of the Google Featured Snippet Local One Pack?

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How to use the features of the Google Featured Snippet Local One Pack?

The businesses that are willing to list themselves over the Google maps can take the help of an SEO Agency for it but can also make use of this new ‘local one pack’ to enhance their business productivity. There are certain basic strategies that one needs to implement when it comes to local pack optimization. One can utilize this new Featured Snipper Local One Pack for increasing the visibility of a business in the Google maps search results.

In this article, you will know about some of the essential things and ways to use the features of this new snippet local one pack effectively.

Why is listing the company essential under the local packs?

The company featuring under the local packs of Google has a higher chance of getting better foot traffic & sales, also the visit ratio increases, and the revenue ultimately goes high. You just need to know the right way to implement the strategies. Not only that, but it will also help you take your business on the top of the Google search results pages. If your business offers are matching the search content as typed out by the users, then your business will come on the top. Just like any other technical versed Local SEO service, using this local one pack is also going to make your business thrive in commendable ways.

What are the crucial elements of the Local One Pack?

There are certain elements that are required by Google to convey the same to the customers who are searching for your business over Google Maps. The mobile search is expanding today as 60% of all the Google searches are done using mobile devices only. Some of the elements present in the Local One Pack are:

  • Address
  • Business name and details
  • Ratings as well as Reviews
  • Phone number
  • Highlights
  • Availability
  • Opening and Closing time of the physical store
  • Images for reference
  • Website link

These are just a few important elements that Google will ask you to fill in before moving ahead. There are some other required fields as well that you will get to know when you actually sign-up for this. By using the local pack, the customers will more often find your company over others and will walk in to avail of your services.,come%20from%20a%20mobile%20device.

What are the right strategies to get listed?

For getting listed under this new pack, you need to follow the ways destined similar to that in the previous packs. Here are some of the strategies that you must follow:

  • Do a prominent Google Business Listing with accurate details.
  • Make sure your business category is recognizable by Google.
  • An online presence for your company must be trusted by the customers.
  • Make only those contents available on your site which will be a solution to local search queries.
  • Give a local phone number using which the customers can easily connect to you.
  • You need to be very clear about who you intend to serve.
  • Keep the social media handles of your business updated too.

These are few of the things that you must know in order to implement this new Local One Pack onto your business to make it more beneficial for your revenue generation.