Google Still Penalizing Sites for Unnatural Links & It Can Hurt Bad

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Google Still Penalizing Sites for Unnatural Links & It Can Hurt Bad

Search engine optimization is a disciplined faculty in the current era. Unlike the yesteryears, activities like link farming, keyword stuffing and spamming are strictly prohibited by Google. Thus, search engine optimizers cannot use these techniques to promote their clients’ websites. To get a more clear insight into the actual penalties sanctioned by Google, we can refer to the example of Dejan SEO. The site was penalized for its unnatural links resulting in its removal from the search results. Yes, if Google penalizes your site, your site might suddenly disappear from the search engines! The example given in this writeup is a real reference from the manual list of penalties which your site might attract due to link stuffing or other unscrupulous activities.

Here are some of the bad link schemes which might attract a penalty from Google’s end

Discussion Forum Links: The forum discussion links are also under the scanner of Google. However, one must know that all links from discussion forum sites are not considered spam. However, if it is coming from suspicious sources, it might get disallowed by Google. Thus, one should be very careful about generating links from discussion forum sites. Any set of links which might raise the suspicion of Google.

Private Blog Networks: These blogging networks were a robust way of generating links for the sake of quick rankings. Today, most PBNs are being targeted by Google. The algorithms of Google are smart enough to detect massive link generation from private blog network. All search engine optimizers must keep in mind that private blog networks are not a good technique to optimize a website. It would attract the wrath of Google if it is not done ethically.

Directory Submission Techniques: The practice of directory submission is not always fruitful. However, the readers are not discouraged from going for quality directory submissions. Today, quality directory submissions are still rewarded by Google. Low quality bulk link submissions do no good for a website. These practices come under the penalties of Google.

Blog Commenting: This was a standard practice for online marketers to optimize their services. They used to influence the blog commenting sections to influence site rankings. These were spam techniques which were identified by Google. Today, these techniques (if not done with correct intent) will not bear any fruit! Rather, your site might get penalized by Google.

Automatic Link Building: Google abhors automated marketing tools and techniques. Thus, it is one of the most suspicious activities from Google’s perspective. Marketers using automatic link building techniques would attract penalty for their sites. They would simply convey the wrong message to Google.

Google rewards sites following an ethical approach towards internet marketing. Following the right techniques will reward your site with sustainable Google search rankings!