Google Penalizing Domain Leasing

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Google Penalizing Domain Leasing

Google issued a strict warning to sites leasing out their personal domains and sub domains to help other companies rank their content better. Before the first wave of warning from Google’s end, businesses benefited by sharing their content on leased domains. Google works very meticulously with neatly ideated algorithms which carry out specific monitoring tasks. These algorithms detect irrelevant third party content smartly placed in subfolders. In the yesteryears, several internet marketers have used this technique to help businesses achieve a fair amount of online optimization through domain leasing.

The officials from Google have stated that domain leasing is not an outright illegal activity. They feel that content promoted through domain leasing would get less priority from Google. Till date, there has not been any site suspension from the Search Engine results. However, the site leasing its sub domains would fall from grace. In spite of having the best design, content structure and navigation; it would not get the due recognition from Google’s end. This practice is being discouraged by the experts from Google.

The practice of domain sharing affects the true spirit of Search Engine Optimization since domain leasing is not always compatible. Thus a restaurant’s information shared on an engineering company’s subfolder is not the right approach towards Search Engine Optimization. As a standard practice of Google search marketing professionals are being discouraged from encouraging domain leasing.

The practice was also popularly referred to as rent and rank. Renting a domain and sharing your business information for the sake of greater engagement did not go down well with Google. It is often seen that companies in the small and mid league do not have the money to build high end websites. In such cases, they try to curtail costs by simply using someone else’s property. However from the neat and clean perspective of Google, the act of domain sharing is not clean. Newly opened businesses are prone to such activities simply because they are not confident about their content. They end up paying other sites to lease their sub domains for promotion. Today, the scenario is fast changing with Google being more proactive and constantly monitoring and watching suspicious activities. Today, any malpractice from the end of the marketers would automatically impact the long run results. They will be caught easily especially when they are getting involved in such activities.

Today, Google only encourages the best marketing practices. Google gives extreme priority to original content. It also encourages people to share more authentic information. Apart from these factors, there are other aspects like site design, layout and architecture which are being considered by Google. These factors make a substantial difference to the end results. Sites following these instructions properly get a better chance of showing up in the top search results. Rather, Google encourages marketers to have a very slow and steady approach towards marketing. Today, both the authenticity and compliance are very important factors. Ignoring these instructions would spell doom for the site and the effort put in by the marketer would go in complete waste. Domain leasing is one such unscrupulous activity.