Smart SEO Tips To Become Successful On The Online Market Platform (Part3)

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Smart SEO Tips To Become Successful On The Online Market Platform (Part3)

Optimize page load times

When sitting down for designing your website and online presence, it is easy to go overboard. People want to use the best quality pictures, highly communicative explainer videos and impressive flash media on their web pages to ensure that a visitor stays hooked to what they have to say. And while this is a great strategy from the creative standpoint, too much of media will only go on to slow down your website load time which will eventually kill an otherwise enthralling user experience. When thinking about effective SEO, you must keep it simple. The best SEO companies in India suggest that webmasters remove anything that might slow down their web page’s load time including music players, flash graphics, large images and unnecessary plugins. Make sure that you help your website visitor in getting the most out of the limited time that he/she will be spending on your site.

Frequent updates are important

Google loves fresh content and so do the web users who like your site and visit it from time to time. A static website with stagnant content and information can only go so far on the path to achieving high SERPs. By simply posting new and relevant content on your website, you provide your online followers as well as search engine crawlers with something to look forward to. Top SEO companies in India suggest that website owners should start a blog on your site and share latest updates about your industry on the same. Try publishing press releases about the comings and goings at your workplace. Make sure you keep the web updated about what you are doing.