Smart SEO Tips To Become Successful On The Online Market Platform (Part2)

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Smart SEO Tips To Become Successful On The Online Market Platform (Part2)

Keywords aren’t dead

Many leading SEO companies in India insist that keywords have lost their relevance in today’s online market scenario. But the reality is that search engines have become smarter and demand a more organic use of keywords in website content and other locations. It is therefore, your job to ensure that your SEO company doesn’t use old school keyword stuffing tactics for your website. You should also ensure that your service provider doesn’t ignore keywords altogether. You need to mention relevant and natural keywords on your website where they matter the most. Your “one thing” should be prominently featured on all possible avenues including site title, description, tagline, keywords, blog categories, page titles, and page content.

Make the most of your page links

For many website owners, especially the ones who maintain their sites on their own, page links do not demand much attention. Platforms like wordpress offer auto-generated page links that are then uploaded on to the web. But these platforms also allow you to edit the links and how they appear. Your SEO service provider in India will definitely suggest tweaking your page URLs and including relevant search phrases and keywords in the same to improve your rankings on search engines. This is also important from the user experience point of view – one glance at the URL will clearly indicate what the page is all about. These factors tend to be important for enriching visitor experience on your website.