Top 10 Business Directories of Dubai

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Top 10 Business Directories of Dubai

Dubai is one of the finest business centers in the world, home to a myriad of businesses. The land is so famous for its business opportunities that a new company sprouts up every now and then. Naturally, leading to hundreds of companies struggling to attract clients across the UAE and beyond. With such cut-throat competition, it becomes very important for your business to be SEEN and advertised correctly to attract customers.  

In today’s digitized era, visibility, especially online visibility is the keyword for companies to flourish. You must make sure that your business doesn’t get lost in the crowd. Gone are the days when customers went to companies for products and services. Today, most consumers go online for their requirements.

To boost your sales you not only need to have a company website but also have your SEO game on-point. One of the best ways to do that is by hiring the best SEO agency for your company, whose ideas align with your ideology. And another simple and easy way to boost your visibility is by getting listed on Dubai business listings or UAE local listings. 

Why is getting your business listed in the UAE or Dubai necessary? That’s what we’re to help you explore. In this blog, we’ll take you through the role of the respective directory sites, its benefits and the top 10 Dubai business directories of 2022.

Role of Dubai Business directory sites

Getting listed in the local business directories not only helps you in establishing an online presence but also helps you in link building with your consumers. 

No matter if you have a small or large business; or you are an established company looking to widen your market or just starting, the Dubai business directory will help you refine your advertisement campaign and bring more traffic.  

Benefits of getting listed in the Dubai business directory


While most of the other advertising options charge the moon and stars, many of the Dubai business directory sites are cheap with most offering services for free. They charge you only for additional features which are still comparatively reasonable. 

Ways for potential partnership

These Dubai business directories are places where potential buyers and investors look for potential partnerships. Adding your business with all your company details can be an amazing way to build relations. 

Improves local presence

With their multiple features like advanced filtering options, Dubai business directories and UAE directories help you to connect with the right audience and clients. 

With these features, you can optimize your search based on location, category, services and many more. 


These directories help you build links to your websites which helps bring organic traffic to your webpage. 

Top 10 Dubai business directories in 2022

Now that we have discussed all the benefits of getting enlisted in Dubai business directories and UAE business directories, you must be keen to know the top 10 Dubai business directories you can enlist for your business. Have no worries. Below are the top 10 business listing sites where you can enlist your business 

Dubai Business Directory 

It is quite popular amongst businessmen for its one of a kind service. It is the first free internet-free business directory in Dubai. From the website link, contact details and other relevant information can be entered for free. Businesses can also use a map of Dubai in the directory to mark their exact location.

This directory lists businesses across the major cities of the UAE. The listing site enlists a separate section for trending companies which is a bonus to the free service. 

Arabian talks

This directory enlists businesses from many Arab countries including UAE, Qatar and Jordan. There is a separate page on the listing site for Dubai, where business owners can enlist their businesses free of cost and also provide backlinks to their websites. Other than that, previous customers can also rate the businesses based on their experience. 

Yellow Pages 

This directory is one of the best-rated business directories with an app and a website. This directory enables customers to directly send a mail to the business just with a click. 

Free UAE Directory

Another popular business directory in UAE lists all kinds of businesses and associated events. From restaurants to tours and travels or real estate, the Free UAE directory enlists multiple businesses on their site. 

Dubai biz directory

This is a one-stop business directory for businesses that deal with electrical, engineering, construction and drilling. The site is free and it provides a notice board where businesses can respond to queries. 

B2b listing directory

This is more than a listing website. It also offers personalized advertising and digital marketing services for businesses catering to their requirements. Although they charge for the above-mentioned services, a listing of the businesses can be free of cost. Companies can put relevant data such as addresses, contact details, social media files and websites. 


It is a site that provides a platform to search for brands, categories and companies along with business listings across the UAE. 

Anglo Info

This is a listing site specifically catering to the English speaking community of Dubai. This listing site can be very useful for expats who wish to partner with certain businesses. Brands that have an English speaking community as their ideal clients can benefit a lot from this business directory. 


It is another hugely popular business directory in Dubai. It allows owners to provide updates on their page in their business directory list. Foursquare ranks the listing based on the rating provided by the customers. 

This is the list of the top 10 business directories of Dubai that you can completely rely on. Listing your business in a business directory will always be beneficial in the longer run. You definitely will have a stronger online presence and a larger base of customers. 

The smartest way to develop and establish your online presence is through the best SEO agency. Allow us to list your brand to reach out to a wider more promising target audience.