March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update

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March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update

Google has announced the completion of the March 2022 product reviews update and is now finally rolling out.  This update was officially announced on 23rd March and took 19 days to complete the rolling out. 

It is a search ranking algorithm update targeted to rank product reviews related content on the web that is helpful to the searchers. 

The March 2022 product reviews update is the third version on the list. The first one came in April 2021 and the second one was updated in December 2021. The March version was updated to include more criteria in this niche ranking algorithm. 

However, what’s interesting to see is how this Google update will influence website rankings. Any SEO agency aware about this new development would inform their clients that it’s time to get specific with product reviews. We’re about to tell you why; let’s get deeper into the matter.

How does the latest Google product reviews update impact your brand?

You would want to keep a check on the ranking of your website if it offers product review content. You can check to see the impact, if your ranking improved, declined or remained the same. 

According to Google, pre-drafted reviews that just touch upon the periphery product and services don’t interest the buyers. Google doesn’t want to penalize this kind of review directly but wants sites with quality reviews to get an edge over these. So, if you’re planning to have a secret behind-the-scenes team write product reviews on the behalf of potential customers, you’re either going to have to stop that practice or get more specific.

A simple review like ‘nice product, great features; happy with the service’ won’t suffice. This is because Google wants users who are looking for quality products and services to come across product reviews that justify the real use. However, casual and over-the-top reviews make it look forced and don’t give the user any clue about the true purpose of the product.

Google also reveals that, while the last two updates were more focused on giving a rank boost to in-depth reviews published by the experts, the March 2022 update adds a few more criteria. 

You can approach an SEO agency to help you enhance your branding efforts by analyzing and ensuring that your brand receives genuine product reviews.

Criteria by Google to get a better ranking

  1. In-depth, beneficial details should be included such as usage and drawbacks of certain items. Specifics of product performance or the difference in similar products.  
  2. It should come from people who have themselves used the product and can show what a product physically looks like or how it is used. 
  3. Includes information other than what the manufacturer provides- like links to other details about the reviewer’s experience and visuals of the product.
  4. Comparison of similar products and what sets the product apart from them. 

Google also added three new FAQs to support your product review efforts:

Relevance of product review updates for ranked lists and comparison reviews?

Product review updates apply to all kinds of review content. The best practices shared were also applied. However, since the nature of ranked lists is short, you should demonstrate expertise and reinforce authenticity more concisely. Pertinent results and including original images from the tests you performed with the product can be a great way to do that. 

What are the recommendations for reviews advising “best” products? 

If you consider a product the best overall or the best for a certain usage, ensure to share with the reader your reasons for considering that product the best. What makes this particular product unique and stand out from others in the market? Why the product is especially suited for its recommended purpose? Be sure to include first-hand evidence to support your claim. 

If users are reading this blog, they too can use these pointers to improve their method of sharing product reviews to help fellow users.

I have created a review that covers multiple products; do I still have to create reviews for the products individually? 

Writing reviews for each product depends on the list of products you have in your brand. It can be beneficial to write a high quality ranked list of related products in combination with in-depth single-product reviews for each product.  If you write both, ensure that you have enough useful content in the ranked list as well for it to stand on its own.

Initially, the update affects only the English language but it is aiming to include other languages as well. This initiative is under the vision of the search giant to give users worldwide reliable and trustworthy information. 

How to improve your page ranking once affected by the new update?

Here’s a checklist to improve your page ranking –

  1. Ensure that the product is reviewed by an expert with a digital footprint in the field.
  2. Ensure adding value to the customer’s experience by providing pros and cons for buyers to make an informed choice.
  3. Quantitative analysis by putting the product through multiple tests 
  4. Compare the product with the similar products available in the market and show how your product is unique. 
  5. Talk about the improvements made in the newer version. 
  6. Identify the highlight factors which make or break the deal 
  7. Use visuals such as images, videos and graphics to back up your claim.
  8. Give buyers multiple options instead of over-promoting one brand. 

As a general measure, websites making the content of product reviews should track any changes in their search engine position. Those who notice a drop in performance should make sure that their reviews follow the guidelines of Google to remain competitive in search engines.

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