Use these Top 10 Business Directories of UAE to rank your Website

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Use these Top 10 Business Directories of UAE to rank your Website

If you want to establish a digital presence for your brand, enrolling yourself in a business directory in UAE is the best option. The only way to get your business known by most people is to be on digital media.UAE business directories offer vast opportunities for the digital marketing of local businesses. It will boost your website’s SEO rankings and help you build a network, and attract more customers.

Let us go through some of the top UAE business directories, so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

Top 10 UAE business directories to rank your website

These business directories will help build a customer base easily. Even if you can’t assign this work to your in-house team, an SEO agency can do this for you.

Yellow pages 

This directory has a website along with an application where people can swipe through businesses in one go. You can add all your contact details like address, contact details, website, email button CTA, etc. for free in this directory. 

You can even add the services you offer and pictures of your business location. Businesses from all industries like restaurants, health stores, retail, and beauty stores are present in this directory. The best part about this directory is that it allows reviewing local businesses.

Dubai Biz Directory 

It is an extensive online directory with industrial contractors and other businesses trading in Dubai. It is a free list with a notice board where business owners can answer inquiries. Different industries like construction, drilling, electrical, and engineering are a part of this directory. You can update details like a short description of your brand, address and contact details, the category your business fits into, etc. 

Local Search 

More than thousands of businesses from all industries, be it restaurants or finance are on this business directory. As a business owner you can get a free listing or advertise your business on their website and mobile application. You can include your full address along with map directions to guide your customers into your shop. 

There are CTA buttons like “call the company”, “email the business” and “visit the website” to enable link building and ensure better SEO results. 


Yalwa is one of the best UAE business directories to make your brand more visible in the online world, acquire new clients and generate more leads. This directory helps locals explore more businesses in the community. There are businesses from almost every niche here. The directory allows you to include a short description, address, contact details, and website URL. Your customers can also review or rate your business for you to attract more customers.


This directory features businesses from almost all industries and helps people with personal recommendations. It is one of the best search-and-discovery sites and applications for potential customers to discover your business through recommendations. The listing is arranged according to ratings, and you will be able to update your business information whenever necessary.

B2B Listing Directory

If you need beyond just an online business directory, this is the one for you. This directory also offers personalized digital marketing solutions and online media-based advertising according to your branding requirements. This directory offers several services like social media marketing, website development, and design, SEO link building, etc. 

However, if you want to avail of these extra services along with the free listing, you need to pay additional charges. You can update details on your short profile like address, phone number, social media profiles, website, etc.

Anglo Info

This business directory is the perfect choice for anyone who has shifted from the United Kingdom to the UAE. This business directory acts as a tour guide by providing information about the city, its local laws, and culture. Professionals like doctors, builders, school management who moved into this city rely on this directory to discover businesses.

But to list your business in this directory, you should have strong English communication skills and an expat background. You can include all necessary details like description of services, address, contact information, etc.

Arabian Talks

This is a business directory that is limited not only to UAE but also extends to other Arabian countries like Qatar, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. But there is a separate dedicated section for Dubai-based businesses. 

You can include a lot of information about your business on this directory for free such as description, map location, phone numbers, email, list of services, address, etc. Your customers can also leave reviews or ratings.


This is one of the most popular business directories in the UAE that offers a wide range of branding and marketing solutions beyond just listing. You will get accurate data about all local businesses along with an updated list of their customers. 

You get access to super beneficial tools to help you discover new markets, boost your brand awareness, sell your service, etc. Almost every other business of UAE is listed on this website- be it a small local business or an international giant.


It is an extensive business directory in Dubai that promotes all the local businesses of Dubai. The interface of this business listing is user-friendly. A lot of people use this listing to discover brands every day, and gain better SEO results. 

People find this platform very convenient to use since the companies listed on it are categorized into multiple sections like entertainment, clothing, food, business services, dining, shopping, etc. Locals can find recommendations for literally anything they want with just a single click. It is a one-stop destination for businesses in all industries.

Listing your business on an online directory can give your brand the much-needed exposure and publicity you need to attract more customers. Therefore, thoroughly research the best ones in your region and target the top listings. 

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