Top 10 Business Directories of UK

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Top 10 Business Directories of UK

Business directories are online platforms for featuring different categories of businesses based on their location, town, or niche. They are listed systematically in groups or categories presenting key information in a readable and user-friendly format. They provide a base for information to the consumers to understand, contact, and locate businesses easily. The directories will display information about the business profile which includes the business name, contact details, address, pictures, opening and closing hours. The essential function of all business directories is the same, but the features and user experience can vary from site to site.

Why should businesses consider registering in directories?

Business directories help in giving your brand the correct exposure and visibility on the internet. More reasons are elaborated below-

  • Increase your chances of discovery – Submitting your profile in directories will increase your chances of exposure. Even if people do not search using your brand name, you can come up in the search engine if they are looking for something similar.
  • Create and boost your brand image – Your brand name will come up whenever someone searches for products and services related to your business. Even if they don’t contact you directly, your brand name and image will be visible which can help in your brand awareness.
  • Enhance your SEO results – SEO is a technique employed to increase visibility and exposure by helping you rank in search engines. Listing in online business directories can help you support your existing content by giving you the extra boost in SEO results.
  • Increase your Google rank – As already discussed above, SEO is a practice of building exposure and visibility to your business. If SEO is implemented effectively, it can help you rank in the top pages of Google. You can increase your Google ranking by taking professional help from an SEO agency.
  • Inbound links – Inbound links or backlinks are hyperlinks on third party pages that can direct users to your page. It is a process of link building. When you create your profile on directories, consumers are likely to use the inbound link to move to your website if they find your profile impressive.

When you are flooded with choices, it gets difficult to choose out the most suitable one. We have compiled a list of top business directories of the UK to narrow down your options. Have a look-

  1. Google Business Profile (earlier GMB) – It is one of the top-ranked business directories in the world. When users search up for products and in your local area, google results show up from the directories. This can help you drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website. No wonder it is ranked no 1 in the UK.
  2. Bing Places – It is often considered as the less popular sister of Google, but don’t undermine its reach and power. It is an important platform for local businesses that can help provide the correct amount of exposure by boosting your SEO results.
  3. Yell – It is one of the UK’s leading online directories with an extensive range of categories. It is user-friendly and available both in the form of a website and app. Users only have to enter a search item and fill in their postal code to get the desired results. You can easily get visibility and exposure by using this platform.
  4. Yahoo Local – Yahoo is another relevant directory useful for your business and brand. It has now powered with Yext and enables submissions to multiple directories at once if you have a premium account. They also have a commendable 24×7 support team to assist you with all your needs and inquiries.
  5. Yelp – People often confuse Yelp with Yell for the similar-sounding names. Yelp is a well-recognised business directory in the UK for its stellar services and user experience. Not only businesses but artists can also sign up in Yelp to promote their events and services. It has a huge database.
  6. Com – Ranked in the top 500 websites of the UK, is a one-stop shop for consumers. Listing on this platform can help you boost your SEO results and give your business the correct exposure by helping you connect with prospects.
  7. FreeIndex – You can list for free on this platform. It is one of the most popular business directories in the UK with over 1.5 million registered users and 650000 user reviews. You can see your business ranking on the site by completing your profile. List your quote and get ready to connect with customers.
  8. Cylex UK – Founded in 1998, Cylex has active users in more than 35 countries and 200+ employees. You can take the help of professionals to build a strong profile to make sure that you have a dominating online presence and exposure. You can sign up for free and upgrade to access premium features.
  9. UK Small Business directory – You can also sign up for free on this website and add your listing. Around 260,000 businesses are listed on this platform making it one of the top directories in the UK. It is owned and managed by TJS Marketing limited. Businesses are categories in bronze, silver and gold listings.
  10. Hotfrog UK – It is one of the reputed business directories in the UK with millions of users. Hotfrog can serve all your business needs. Sign up for free and list your products and services online. An attractive profile helps in capturing the attention of the users and increasing exposure.

Wrapping up-

Starting a business for the first time can give you a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights thinking about its survival. The mantra for the growth and success of any business lies in its strategy for customer attraction and retention. SEO is one of the vital elements for business exposure and expansion. If you are new to the online world of business, take help from professionals to help you build a strong online presence. Ensure that you have an impeccable online profile with the help of an SEO agency. You can choose any business directory from the mentioned ones as all of them have the same utility but make sure to build an impressive profile. Good Luck!