What is a CDN? How can it help the SEO of your website?

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What is a CDN? How can it help the SEO of your website?

Content is the buzzword in today’s market. All businesses starting from small to large ones rely on the elaborate distribution of their content to reach customers across geographical boundaries. In this vast world of business content, you might be feeling a bit lost. There are quite a few questions that need to be answered after all. How does content get to your customers? How do your customers reach you? How are SEO services able to leverage your content? Well, to get the answers to these questions once you’ve learnt about what a CDN is.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content delivery network. It refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide swift internet connectivity. When we use the internet to deliver content, packages of data are sent. A CDN allows for quick transfer of such packages of data which makes up an asset. These assets are quintessential for loading your internet content like HTML pages, JavaScript files, style-sheets, images, videos etc. CDN connections are also built to provide security. Ones that are configured well will protect websites against common malware.

What’s the benefit of using a CDN?

CDNs have a range of benefits that they bring to the table. First of all, using a CDN considerably increases your website loading times. Since a CDN is a local server distributing content closer to local visitors helps your business to send data quicker over networks. This improves the customer’s experience by enhancing your page load times. Additionally, CDNs reduce the bounce rate of your website. Since people don’t click away when a site loads up quickly, people are more inclined to check your website out.

Second, a CDN can reduce your bandwidth costs considerably. When you own a website, bandwidth hosting is a regular cost that you’ll incur. CDNs make the use of scanning and leveraging other optimizations to reduce the quantity of data an origin server needs, to fully load a website. This reduces our hosting cost significantly as you use lower bandwidths.

CDNs play another important role by reducing redundancy. Enormous traffic onto a website may result in a hardware crash that in turn halts normal website functionality. This is where the distributed nature of a CDN becomes an asset. It allows CDNs to handle larger amounts of traffic by evenly distributing the load and withstand hardware failures in a composed manner.

Finally, CDNs significantly improve website security by providing DDoS mitigation, optimizations of different kinds, and improving the security certificates of your website.  These benefits are the reason why a good SEO Agency prefers using CDNs!

How does a CDN work?

In the world of information technology, each system has its own way of working. These systems are created to improve efficient work in an integrated fashion. At its core, a network of CDNs is a set of interlinked servers built with affordability and quick data transfer in mind. Thus, they are placed at an exchange point between different networks. These exchange points are primary locations where various internet providers connect. An Internet exchange point has traffic originating from various networks running through it. Being connected to these points allows CDNs to reduce transit times giving you high-speed data delivery.

Benefits of a CDN to your SEO Strategy

Now that we’ve learnt all about CDNs let’s take a look at how a leading SEO Agency can use these channels to leverage your strategy.

  • CDN systems essentially have a system called the Point of Presence. This is where cached content is stored by them. When a user requests a piece of information from a website, the CDN node that stores this website’s data is activated. The cached content is released and then sent to the user.
  • SEO Services prefer using CDNs because they reduce the request-to-delivery time by a considerable margin. CDNs also store images on their point of presence. It helps your website to display images faster with high quality as well!
  • Latency is a deal-breaker for any customer who visits a website. If you’ve been to a website that takes a lot of time to load, you’d leave after a while. That’s why SEO services use CDNs. As they offer faster load times, using a CDN means that your website will engage a customer more than competitor sites. This also increases your chances of a sale.
  • CDNs use features like caching algorithms and canonical headers. These features allow it to remove duplicate content issues. It helps enhance your website SEO and get you a higher ranking on Google ranking algorithms.
  • Google also estimates the efficiency of a website according to how much traffic it can host. This is where CDNs optimise costs. As we have mentioned earlier a CDN can reduce the chances of a DDoS attack. By preventing this CDNs ensure that your ranking on Google’s algorithm is maintained.
  • Finally, a leading SEO Agency will always agree that CDNs can use hardware and software by optimising storage and access to content. These systems can make use of SSD drives and RAMs to store frequently accessed content increasing the response time and reducing overall delay.

 The major takeaway

The global business environment is a vast domain. Competition amongst businesses is rising and so is internet traffic. In such trying times if you do not optimise your website for the best performance, keeping up will be difficult. That’s why we recommend hiring an SEO Agency that uses CDNs to optimise your business SEO. Using such systems can make your website rank higher on the Google algorithm and also leverage your brand. Such SEO Services specialise in the optimisation of your business website. Using CDNs to leverage your SEO can be the perfect start to your business needs. These quick solutions can help your business stand out, gain brand recognition and improve your website index scores across multiple search engines.

Give your business the boost it needs today!