Why use Data Analytics to Drive the Best Search Results

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Why use Data Analytics to Drive the Best Search Results

You’ve created a website, and now you want it to start performing for your brand. Your first objective is to make sure that your website content shows up in search results. You can make this happen through analytics SEO or SEO tools. This tool not only allows you to rank your website’s content but also recommends ways to improve search ranking. It suggests new keywords to add to your content and compare your website with your competitor’s site.

Customers want more from your business

Marketing methods have drastically changed because when something gets better, expectations increase. So is the case of the marketing industry. The business landscape has changed from stereotypical ads to unique content. How different can you be from your competitors and the yesteryears?

Now, marketing tactics have become result-oriented where brands want to see a tangible return on investment. They do not want to invest in a marketing or advertising idea without a foreseeable successful result. Time is money, and money is scarce, so the results better are good!

How does a marketing firm adjust the variables of content, sales, and the customer’s journey put together? Data analytics is where everything falls into place. Without backed-up scientific data, there is no solid digital marketing strategy insight.

Customers may not directly say what they want, so brands have to make efforts to figure it all. Customers want a personalised experience every time they interact with your brand. Several brands like yours out there means that your customers won’t stay loyal if you can’t deliver a product or service in the way they want.

They’ll simply move on if you deliver results with a half-hearted approach.

For instance, customers who found Ola services too expensive also experienced a lag in their estimated arrival. Some of the customers shifted to Uber and never came back. The vice-versa can also happen and may have as well. How do you study customer behaviour to make it right so a brand doesn’t lose any more customers?

Data-driven information on marketing strategies executed can be your weaponised approach. In order to help your business survive in a competitive industry, data analytics becomes an inevitable tool.

So, what is data analytics, and how can SEO help your brand using this tool? We’re here to explore the answer with you in this blog post.

Data analytics and how it helps

Data analytics uses raw data to analyse and identify trends and draw conclusions. It enables you to answer questions based on the information derived from resultant metrics. The process of analysing data allows one to successfully deduce the brand’s current position to direct further step and achieve the results intended.

Therefore, marketing analytics provides itself as a determining factor for the numerous efforts made for an overall campaign. It helps to reveal what works and what does not in terms of your marketing strategy.

Now, using the right set of data analytics tools enables one to extract more profound and relevant insights. They can easily see the different aspects of their marketing strategies based on the platforms they use. Be it social media metrics, analysing the competitor’s moves or direct marketing ROI, monitoring and interpreting data can make a world of difference.

Being an SEO agency, we are no less privy to data analysis. Using an organic optimisation tool can help enhance our ranking strategy for your brand.

We’ll measure your website’s search traffic and performance

Your business needs to be found by interested customers. The digital road leading to you will always be a work in progress. This is because we have to constantly enhance the customer’s experience to keep them from straying to competitor brands. To help your audience find you and introduce new people to your brand, we use the Google Search Console tool.

This tool will work towards measuring your website’s search traffic and performance. It will help fix issues that may be interfering with your website’s ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The Google Search Console tool functions in the following ways:

  • It makes sure that Google finds and crawls your website.
  • It fixes your site for any indexing issues.
  • It provides search data such as search queries, website display on search result pages, and click-through rates.
  • It enables the re-indexing of updated or newly created web pages.
  • It shows a list of sites that link back to your website.
  • It troubleshoots for mobile usability issues and AMP problems, among other search feature issues.

As compared to the use of Google Analytics that focuses on identifying website visitors, the Search Console tool reveals the process. By the ‘process‘, we mean that this tool shows how your website will appear to individuals. These individuals are not random but specific and potential customers. They are the users searching for your products based on selected keywords and phrases. Google Search Console will highlight your site’s problematic areas to allow for the opportunity to fix those issues.

Digital marketing tools for your brand

Besides the analytics SEO team using Google Search Console, there are other digital marketing tools. These tools are used based on the channel you wish to market your brand.

Social media analytics, for instance, will provide data for the channels you use, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube, etc. Through the data obtained, you learn how your audience interacts with your brand and which posts work and don’t work.

Paid ads use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads. These advertising platforms enable researching keywords, tracking money spent on ads, and viewing the ad results. The ad results are shown in terms of clicks and conversions. The tools also allow you to perform A/B testing variants and other ways to improve your ad’s performance.

The list is endless in terms of the analytical tools that are used for data-driven performance. However, for brands that believe in the power of search engine optimization, you are not wasting your money and time. If you want to ensure a smooth sail for your website ranking, let us help you leverage your business the right way.