Redefining the Structure of Optimization with Google Search Central

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Redefining the Structure of Optimization with Google Search Central

The term “webmaster” came into existence even before the existence of Google. But the term popularity is decreasing as on studying the user experience, and the company found that nowadays, web professionals don’t prefer referring to themselves as the webmasters. With the demand for Search engine Optimization increasing exponentially, these professionals are getting popular as Search Engine Optimizer, web developers, site owners, online marketers, and such specialized names.

Renaming concept

You are now always referring to the search engine to study the various websites and plan the customization accordingly. Depending on this trend of maximum users, Google is changing the platform name from Google Webmasters to Google Search Central, which is actually a better name to summarize the chief function of the search engine.

Adequate representation

Top websites like,, and others analyses and with the help of it improving heavy traffic by using the Google Webmaster. But bidding Goodbye to Google Webmasters is a better decision for the company as it will better focus on search engine optimization. You can improve your visibility to a great extent using the “Search Central.” You have the option to get the help of the company to create resourceful content for showing up on the result page of Google Search.

Improvement in crawlers

You will be happy with the new features of Search Central, which will make you say hello Google Search Central with a big and hearty smile. The company is launching a new crawl stats report in its Search console. Being the site owner, you can even understand the logic behind the Googlebot crawl. The latest Crawl Stats report reveals some exciting features.

  • You can acquire a total number of requests with segregation depending on parameters like crawled file type, response code, Googlebot type, and more.
  • Receiving information on the host status is convenient.
  • You can also see the URLs where you receive the highest site requests.
  • Get support for the domain properties and a comprehensive summary too.

Localized blogs

Consolidation of the blogs will help in documentation storage at one site. So it will be easier for best optimizers like SEOTonic to check out the working mechanism of Google Search like Indexing crawling and other similar topics. It is making optimization much easier as you can now find all the blogs in one place. If you can understand the logic of working, you will be able to create better blogs that will draw more attention from online users.

If you follow the blog updates from Google, you don’t have to do anything extra to receive them now. Google will automatically redirect the present set of RSS and all t email subscribers to the URL of the new blog.

Benefits that you can enjoy

As a web professional, now you can enjoy some additional benefits.

  • It is possible to discover more related content now as every piece of information regarding a search topic is present at one site.
  • You can easily switch between languages, and there is no need to opt for localization.
  • Maintaining content in a more systematic way aids in the localization of the posts and accurate formatting.

Search engine optimization is hence, more convenient with the new format.