The Truth Behind Passage Indexing And How Google Sees It

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The Truth Behind Passage Indexing And How Google Sees It

A recent meeting took place a few days back where John Mueller of Google talks about passage indexing. (ref: John responded by stating that such passage-based indexing changes it not entirely a core update and not anything to do with indexing. There is no need for you to optimize the same.

Not working out as a core update:

If you think that Google’s passage indexing change is anyway related to Google’s major updates, then you might have to think about it again. Yes, it has to be a big update, with 7% of it will be impacted when it finally hits the “live” button. But it has nothing to do with the core update changes from Google, to be sure.

Indeed, the passage indexing change is not entirely about indexing and more focusing on ranking multiple times. However, according to experts, it is more towards ranking these messages for the current pages and not indexing them individually.

It is better to recognize them as a significant page and part of it, which is mainly relevant to the given query in question. There will not be any separate Passage Indexing or anything like that. It is more about understanding the page, along with its different parts. It is also about recognizing which of these parts are proven to be relevant for covering users’ queries.

The passage-based index updates:

As per Google experts, the most challenging part to get right always has to be the specified searches. (ref: It is mainly because a single sentence sometimes for answering the question can get blurred down and deep within the web page.

Some recent breakthroughs from SEO have been made in the field of ranking. Those are now able to index pages and the individual passages from pages too. If you can understand the relevancy of specified passages well and not the overall page, you can find the specified information you have been looking for.

Do you think Google indexing to be sections or parts of the main pages?

Google was asked multiple questions if they are now indexing passages or just sections of the main page. Well, the answer is negative. Google is still now in the process of full indexing pages. The systems will consider the meaning and content of passages to determine which one is most relevant than their previous options.

More focusing towards a ranking change lately:

Indexing has not changed much if you think about it. The main changes have been associated with the ranks and how Google has started ranking content. It is based on what it gets to find on the selected page. Google is not at all indexing any individual passages of any page. However, it keeps getting better at zoning right into what is on page and then surfacing those better for that proper ranking purpose.

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