Google May’20 Core Search Algorithm Update

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Google May’20 Core Search Algorithm Update

Google has finally come up with the core update for the second time in the year 2020. Speculations mounted after Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed the core search algorithm update of the year. This time though no Penguin, Panda, or any other animal; it’s called ‘May 2020 Core Update’-straight and simple. Earlier the search engine giant had come up with core update in January, which is just three months past.   

Official announcement

Only one hour after announcing about the ‘May 2020 Core Update’, at 3:50 pm ET, Google declared that the rollout process is already on. However, Google said that the process might take around one or a couple of weeks to completely rollout.

Google released an official statement saying that, ‘Today, we will be releasing the broad core algorithm update which is going to be called the May 2020 Core Update.’

Earlier most recent updates 

Google’s last core update was in January earlier this year. The core update before January was conducted in September 2019. However, the September 2019 update was termed unimpressive and numb for many search engine experts and webmaster. It was claimed that the September 2019 core update was ineffective in comparison to past core updates. Google then came up with an update only after a gap of one month, i.e. in November, though, it was meant only for local rankings.

How to deal upon being affected by the core update?

Like always, Google has some advice to be taken in to account for those who are negatively affected by the core updates introduced in recent past. There is no particular action mentioned to be taken for recovering. Rather a negative ranking effect may not be a sign that there is any mistake with the pages. Anyway, Google has put forth a compilation of questions that can be taken in to account by those people whose sites are hit by the core updates introduced in recent past.

The effect

Irrespective of the occasion for which Google has updated its search engine algorithm, some impact is felt obviously on the sites; either positive or negative. It means with the latest core update released; the time has again come to have a focus on the analytics and search engine ranking of your website.

The areas that are said to get affected due to this core update by Google include local businesses and health niche sites. Effects are already felt by many, and the outcome evidently varies from one day to the other.


Anyway, Google’s intention is pretty loud and clear; there is nothing much one can do regarding the search engine update and variations in ranking, other than enhancing the quality of the content. Google’s statement about the core update makes it clear that these are intended to make sure that the searchers get the most appropriate and authoritative content. Keeping your website updated will not only help you to secure your ranking on the search engines but will also make sure that you give your viewers a unique and fulfilling experience!