How Structured Data Markup is the Modern Key to Success in SEO

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How Structured Data Markup is the Modern Key to Success in SEO

Looking for ways to better your SEO strategies? Well, a structured data allows Google to understand your data and content better. If you want your site to be visible within search features, this is an important aspect to be covered. Now you must be thinking whether this is necessary for all brands or not?

The answer to your question is yes and is completely worth it, be it for any brand, reputed or not. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that structured data is not just simple code, it is much more than that. Using structured data correctly can help search engines to better understand what your content is about and can contribute to a stronger relevancy signal. In addition, studies have shown that rich snippets can improve click-through rate (CTR), which can lead to better rankings indirectly.

What are its uses?

  • This structured data has been there for a very long time. It used to be limited before but now you can get anything. Be it recipes or jobs, you can find everything with the help of structured data.
  • The usage of the structured data has increased massively and almost one third of the world is using it.
  • It helps you to define your content more appropriately and has more chances of matching your content or information with the relevant text, voice queries by your client.

The impact of structured data

There was a small test performed for one of the luxury hospitality firms and the results were shocking. It was observed that the mobile CTR was increased from 2.7 percent in Q1 to 2.8 in Q2. This was not it, over the next couple of months it was expected that there would be an increase of 5-10 percent in their click through rates. Apart from that, the clicks were increased to 43 percent which was huge. The impressions were up by 1 percent. The average position was said to be increased by 12 percent. Other improvements can be made too, like getting new links for your clients.

It has been observed that the value of structured data has been used only to get rich results from Google. These values extend more depending on the quality of the traffic measures.

Reasons why some companies don’t use this schema?

According to different surveys, the most common reason why other brands apart from Google or Alexa don’t use the structured data:

  • Firstly, most of them don’t have enough resources for structured data.
  • They lack in technical knowledge and are unable to understand the coded and to mark items easily.
  • The CMS is not supported.
  • Most of them, ignore or overlook the benefits of using structured data and still use their old ways.
  • They are stuck in time and are unable to update themselves.

Moreover, Structured Data has come out to be a great source for making your website more and more relevant to your business niche while acquiring places in the Search Snippets.