Hiring An SEO Agency? Stay Away From The Traps

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Hiring An SEO Agency? Stay Away From The Traps

Selecting a good SEO agency in India is a vital decision that requires you to be extremely careful or else, risk falling into a trap of scams and frauds that will lose you money and might even damage your online reputation. Most people are confident for their SEO agency selection, especially when it has been made in terms of reasonable cost. But in reality there is no such concept as reasonable SEO. We only get what we have pay for. This reasonable SEO cost can actually cost you a lot more in long run with unethical practices, unsatisfactory results and overall mistakes during the marketing campaign.

Here are some points which will guide you to choose the best SEO agency in India. You should stay away from the agencies who:

    1. Talk about the page ranking as their primary goal or offer guaranteed top ranking. This tactic might work well in the short term, but its effects do not last.


    1. Offers a bulk of links for your website at a low price.


    1. Works on just one or two keywords. They will not be able to reach your target audiences this way.


    1. Have clientele with pages written in terrible English with lots of mistakes. This indicates that they always go for cheaper content writing that ultimately will result in compromising with your brand.


    1. Ignore the revenue part in the discussion and focus on only increasing traffic along with promise quick results. It is conversions that matter – not visits!


    1. Ignore or cannot reply on the technical and on-site SEO queries.


Keep the above points in mind when selecting the best SEO agency in India.