Five Reasons to Get Rid Of Your SEO Service Provider

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Five Reasons to Get Rid Of Your SEO Service Provider

For some people, SEO is dead while someothers believe that SEO is the finest online marketing strategy. I personally believe that as long as we are implementing the right SEO strategies, it is bound to be effective and will help you in achieving maximum ROI. But then, just as every human being is not reliable, every SEO service provider in India is also not reliable.

Here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider continuing with your SEO service provider.

  1. If they don’t want you to get involved in the process

When an SEO service provider doesn’twant you to get involved in the process, chances are high that they are doing things that are against the search engine terms of use. Enquire from SEO agency on how and what SEO optimization techniques they are following to rank you well on search engines.

  1. If they are doing Spammy practices for getting inbound links

If you have hired an SEO service provider for your website thensurely, they must be building inbound links for you. Find out how they are going about the link building process. If your SEO service provider is getting you a rush of spammy backlinks then fire them right away.

  1. If they are not familiar with or do not adapt to Google Algorithm updates

All good SEO service providers in India know what Google updates are. Nowadays this search engine continually makes changes in its algorithm and if you want to remain in the competition, your website’s SEO strategy needs to evolve accordingly. Ask your SEO service provider what they do when Google makes big changes in its algorithmand if you do not get a satisfactory answer, then it is time to fire them.

  1. If they are not doing on-page technical SEO

Technical SEO components include IP detection, load time, 301 & 302 redirects, HTTP, javascript, flash, crawler access and many other upgrades for your website. All these elements play an important role in SEO and if you want to be successful in the long run, you can’t neglect these factors. If your SEO service provider is not doing on-page technical SEO, then it is a warning sign

  1. If they hesitate to show you a complete report

A good SEO service provider will not hesitate to show you a detailed report of how your website is doing in terms of rankings and traffic flow.