5 Misconceptions About Digital Marketing – A Guide By The Top SEO Services India Company (Part 2)

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5 Misconceptions About Digital Marketing – A Guide By The Top SEO Services India Company (Part 2)

SEO is going to die

There are many out there who feel that SEO is a marketing function that is no longer relevant in the current online scenario but don’t believe them for even an instant. As search engines change their algorithms, professional SEO services in India are changing their tactics and strategies for promoting client businesses. SEO may not be what it used to in the past, but that is only because this is an ever evolving field. Its relevance in the world of online marketing cannot be questioned upon, ever!

Social media marketing is all that you need

In the era of Facebook and Instagram taking over people’s social life, it is easy to assume that all your online marketing will revolve around these platforms only. The reality however, is far from this. Any online marketing efforts would need to consider multiple channels of promotion in order to be comprehensive. You need a functional, well designed and engaging website to lend authenticity to your brand. You need a regularly updated blog that speaks of the knowledge that you have of your niche industry. You need backlinks and client reviews on third party platforms to get people to understand your service quality. The top SEO services in India never rely on social media alone for promotions.

Big investments garner success

Some people have a big misconception that digital or online marketing means an investment of a considerable part of your marketing budget. But this is not at all true. You can employ any digital marketing expert that you can afford. Do not think that big money guarantees quality of work here. It is the expertise and grit of your SEO professional that will get you the success that you need. In fact, you will be quite surprised to learn that even freelance service providers can sometimes work wonders for your campaign.

There you go.. Do not harbor any of these wrong notions about SEO in your mind ever. All the best with your business!