Top 10 business directories of Canada

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Top 10 business directories of Canada

Business directories are an important tool for businesses to build exposure for their brand. It is also a great way to boost your local SEO.  But what are business directories exactly? They are online platforms featuring different categories of businesses based on their niches or location. Registering in an online directory can boost your SEO results and help you appear in local searches. These directories display the information of the businesses like contact details, address, services, pictures, etc. to give a comprehensive view to the visitors. There are multiple online directories you can choose for your business. The user interface may differ from site to site but the essential function will remain the same.

How can online directories help your business?

Online businesses are helpful especially for small businesses to start building exposure and attract visitors locally. If you are just starting as a business and have a website of your own, it is an effective way to improve your SEO results. Let us have a look at how registering in an online directory is imperative for the growth of your business.

Build brand image and credibility– Online citations are an effective way to build your brand authority and credibility. Once you are cited in a directory, your business gets a tag of authenticity, which is otherwise hard to build. These sites already have a lot of loyal followers, so being listed in them can get add to your credibility.

Increase exposure and visibility- When your business is sited on an online directory, you get a readymade platform for exposure. The site featuring you already has a lot of followers and visitors. Even if people directly don’t search for your brand name, your name will appear in these directories increasing your exposure and visibility.

Boost local SEO- Local search is a popular method of finding products and services near you. For example, if you deal in a restaurant business and are in the nearby location of the searcher, your name will pop up when they search for ‘best restaurants near me’. It is a great way to appear in local searches and popularise your business. It is also an efficient way of link building and exposure for your brand.

Get backlinks- Featuring in online directories is a great way of creating backlinks. A backlink is a process of link building when your website is mentioned on other websites via a link. It is an effective way to increase your organic search rankings on Google and drive traffic to your site.

Top 10 directories of Canada-

There are several online directories you can register in to build exposure for your brand and business. Although the user experience may differ from site to site, the basic function will remain the same. Here are the top 10 directories of Canada you can list in to boost your business-

Google Business Profile- It is one of the most popular sites in the world to feature your business. Listing in Google my Business will put you on local map and searches. It is also one of the most reliable and trusted sources for users. GMB is user-friendly displaying a comprehensive list of information essential for the visitor to make a decision. Reviews and ratings of the business are available for visitors to view.

Yelp Canada- It is one of the most popular sites in Canada. It has a huge database of users. You can easily build your profile, add photos, and communicate with the consumers both publicly and privately using Yelp Canada.

Bing Places- Bing is a reputed and reliable source for many users. Just like GMB, you can get your business featured on the local maps using Bing. It is a great place to build visibility and exposure for your brand.

Canada 411- One of the popular sites in Canada, it has a great user interface. You can create your account for free in Canada 411 and can opt for paid advertisements to create attractive campaigns. All information is updated monthly to keep up with the changes and present relevant details.

Yellow Pages- Canadian Yellow Pages is an excellent way to connect with prospects across Canada and increase visibility. You can create your own attractive and innovative campaigns using their paid options. This page offers an efficient and interactive platform to connect with consumers. Being one of the highest traffic sites in Canada, listing here can get you a lot of visibility and exposure for your business. You can keep a track of visitors on your profiles to measure your performance. Customers can also leave reviews and pictures to share their experiences.

Weblocal- You can create your free profile on the site and upload your details and information including pictures. You can efficiently build a local audience as it targets local searches. You can also engage with a community of users and keep them on your friend list.

Cylex Canada- You can easily upload pictures, menus, or brochures using this user-friendly site. Apart from pictures and menus, you can also create interesting videos and upload them on the site.  This is a site with good traffic to feature your profile.

HotFrog Canada- HotFrog is a reputed and reliable site operating in more than 38 countries. Due to its popularity, it experiences a good amount of traffic daily. Apart from driving high traffic, it also has an efficient user interface suitable for businesses.

MyStore 411- It is a great site to build your brand image. As one of the popular sites in Canada, it has a lot of trusted visitors. You can list your store details on the site mentioning the opening, closing hours, and add pictures to provide an overview to the visitors. 

Summing up-

SEO is an essential factor contributing to the branding building process online. Listing in online directories is one of the ways to boost your SEO and drive traffic to your website. If you are new to the online world of brand building, a professional SEO agency can efficiently help you in the process.