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Simply easy to understand custom solutions and services to meet your specific SEO needs. Honestly our progressive process and corrective techniques for your campaign will help you succeed and retain top positions.

Natural SEO is common sense, it helps you getting top position in search engines and, importantly holding top positions in search engines is the success mantra. Unlike paid search, you can’t simply buy natural search positions. Search engine optimization is driven by various factors including the volatile nature of search engine algorithms, social influence, local search relevancy, natural text links and many more…that is why SEO is competitive and it has many faces.

We understand the urgency of solving structural issues, coding issues, subjects, content, text links and social circles to create a winning SEO strategy that has measurable results.

Allow your business to find more buyers searching online.

  • Expand your reach and increase your visibility, allow your customers to find you.
  • Improve your brand visibility and consolidate your credibility online.
  • Get more traffic and legitimate clicks on your online presence.
  • Targeting free or natural search engine positions.

Our talented SEO team can help

Our passionate consultants are skilled and experience. We’ve successfully created and deployed winning search engine optimization strategies for many prominent brands of every size at national and international level. You can trust us as we believe in establishing long-term business relationships with our clients, based on successful SEO strategies.

SEOTonic the focused digital web marketing agency provides progressive and integrated search engine optimization solutions and services:

Real-time Algorithm Checking

No one can really predict change in algorithm as it does not have specific date and time for the same. We do keep an eye on algorithm changes and act quickly to ensure any changes and make sure about any harmful impact on your website’s performance.

Bespoke Backlink Strategy

Backlinks is the real food for your website. In real sense backlinks makes the whole difference for your natural Search Engine Optimization success with that we also do the backlink audit and based on those findings we suggest you take action to remove low quality and bad neighborhood links.

Refined Keywords List & Optimization

Usually we don’t prepare a long tail of keywords and it depends upon your business, target audience and local area. We prepare a sensible keywords then use them strategically within your codes and ensure your website pages are perfectly optimized for success.

Market Analysis

Understand your market and know your customers. By implementing this strategy, we confirm we’re steering ahead of the mass and advancing towards competition.

Google Penalty

If you are facing Google penalty probably may need us as we do provide the best back links removal service. Till now we have removed more than 500K plus links in last 6 months. Learn more about our Google Penalty Removal services.

Social Media Optimized

Do you know for better performance of your SEO strategy you can’t deny the importance of social media which has to be optimized and customized. Social Media is also one of the prominent sources of getting important backlinks to your website.

Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • SEO consulting
  • On-Page SEO
  • SEO Planning for new builds
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO for Ecommerce Websites
  • Analytics Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • International SEO Planning
  • International SEO Implementation
  • Server Domain Configuration
  • Social Media Optimization
  • CMS Optimization
  • Multi-lingual SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Google penalty removal
  • Link-Building

Every service of ours can be customized and tailored as per your business needs.

Full Website Audits

It is must to have an optimized website, but perhaps you need to know how well your website is structured and coded, what kind of links you have whether external or internal, how well is your content on the website or whether you have done any optimization before.

There are bunch of questions we’ll ask before getting on to an SEO campaign, and it is advisable you should 1st go ahead with a full web audit before taking any step and spend your money on search engine optimization.

Website audit starting at $ 325 per website

Website audit Services Includes:

  • Keyword Research Review
  • Usability Review
  • SEO Accessibility Review
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Content Quality & Balance
  • Link Appraisal
  • Technical Review
  • SEO Best Practice
  • Duplicate Content
  • Social Media

Helping you to create solid on page SEO strategy to succeed

SEO is a continuous process you can’t afford to do it once as you know search engine algorithm changes so that the entire process and other elements changes too and you need to revise your strategy often. One time SEO is good from foundation point of view. To get stable top positions in search engine you need to be active often.

Active SEO has many advantages it ensures all factors like content, technical issues are aligned in that manner where your short – long term objectives can be achieved. It’s your wish we are open to work directly with you or your team or your agency.

Your Authority & Significance for Search Engines

Links are one of the important factors to determine your authority in search engines. Relevancy of links is the backbone of SEO and earns credibility in an action-packed place. In recent Google panda and penguin update Google has penalized many website for low quality backlinks from bad neighborhood, link farms and paid links does not worth it. Now the whole scenario has changed. Now rather than building a link better, earn a link for your website. Simply your link has to come naturally.

We can help you by delivering a concrete strategy for your links campaign under the prescribed guidelines by Google and follow the best practice to earn a link for your online business. Each good link works as an important vote for your business and it amazingly reflects in your search engine rankings. Links are most important but the entire process of getting a link is time consuming and complex. Let us allow to create a winning strategy to get backlinks.

Cohesive Social & SEO Approach

The most exciting media of all time and you can’t delete its importance in your overall digital marketing strategy and SEO is among them. Social Media has a great influence in SEO and it can substantially support your website to rank higher in search engines. References bring value and comment build relationships. Facebook, twitter, Google+ and YouTube are the biggest and the largest influencers and search engines continues to consider popularity and assign a hidden value and that value is useful for the success of your SEO strategy.

Contact SEOTonic today to and find out how we may help for your Search Engine Optimization needs?

How can we help you? SEOTonic talented SEO specialist are active communicator. We consider meaningful communication is the key to get a focused search engine optimization service for your business.

For SEO service pricing, please be advised to get in touch with our SEO specialists. Our consultant will get back to you in next 48 hrs. Usually we charge hourly price.

Creating a website to serve as an online calling card for your company is an excellent first step for driving potential new business your way. This move, however, isn’t quite enough to truly unlock the power of the internet to drive customers and their business in your direction. To access the full potential, a website has to naturally attract customers. Much like those old business cards, leads don’t come unless there’s an effort made to network. In the online world, search engine optimization, or SEO, is the foundation a solid networking strategy is built upon.

SEOTonic’s optimization specialists are here to help build that foundation. Our team begins optimization by first learning about you, your business, its products, services and the target audience your company needs to reach in the online world. This, in turn, enables us to craft a precise custom SEO plan that will drive natural or organic traffic in your direction.

How SEO Works

SEO works by building a website, its content and behind-the-scene features around specific keywords and phrases that your clients are likely to type into search engines. This enables the big search engines to quickly sort through thousands and thousands of pages on the internet to find your website when a person runs a search for the keywords relevant to your site. Essentially, SEO serves as a way to help the search engines sort through all the online noise to find you directly when a person is looking for information, products or services that are relevant to what you do or have to offer.

The Power of Organic SEO

An “organic” SEO strategy is designed to drive qualified visitors to a website. These visitors are those who are looking for the terms or phrases a website’s search strategy has been built around. If your company, for example, sells mechanical pencils, the SEO strategy would be designed to create high rankings for search terms like “buy mechanical pencils,” or the “best mechanical pencils.” This, in turn, would help customers looking for these items connect with you directly when they sit down to find a business to buy mechanical pencils from. Natural SEO traffic is highly valuable because:

  • It drives customers who are looking for precisely what you offer on your website;
  • The leads it produces are free, meaning they’re not produced through paid advertising;
  • Website visitors are generally “qualified,” which means they are looking for the products and services you have to offer. This also often means they are ready to buy, which can translate directly into more sales.

How SEOTonic Can Help

SEOTonic’s passionate team of consultants stands ready to help clients unlock the full potential of the internet. Our team custom creates SEO campaigns for each client, making sure SEO strategies fit client needs and result in the ability to not only expand reach, but increase qualified traffic and legitimate clicks based on carefully selected, highly relevant keywords.

If it’s time to get the most out of your website, SEOTonic is here to serve. Contact us today for a consultation!