Luxury Facts

ABOUT Luxury Facts

Our client, LuxuryFacts, is an online luxury magazine giving reviews, interviews and features on fashion, hotels, travel, homes, watches, jewelry, automobiles, and many other categories.


The website of the company – – an online luxury blog giving reviews, interviews and features on fashion, hotels, travel, homes, watches, jewelry, automobiles, and many other categories. The website was solely dedicated to provide the luxury facts.

The major objective was to rank the website for Organic Keywords around highly competitive generic keywords for 2 major target regions i.e. USA and India.


Our qualified and seasoned team of SEO analysts, digital marketing professionals and technical experts carefully analysed the website, its section, its objectives, its competitors, trends, and based on those findings they devised a powerful and scalable SEO strategy for the first phase.

We understood that the website needs extensive Search engine optimisation efforts in order to improve its overall visibility as well as stability in organic search results. We prepared a complete list of existing resources and proposed the solutions. We also analysed several elements, such as:

  • Speed
  • Content
  • URL Structure
  • Image Optimisation
  • SSL certification

Natural search performance, and much more.




  1. Optimized Meta Tags
  2. Optimized ALT tags
  3. Optimized Heading Tags
  4. Adding Schema Tag
  5. Fixed W3C HTML Errors
  6. Recommended to add more unique content on targeted pages
  7. Fixed navigation issue to make it more user friendly
  8. Fixed dead pages’ issues
  9. Fixed all content-related issues (dummy content, less content, duplicate content, template-driven content)
  10. Fixed standard SEO elements- sitemaps, robots.txt, internal linking, etc.
  11. Optimized the website regularly to keep the website search engine friendly.



The focus of the Off-page strategy for the campaign was to create good quality backlinks for the client’s website. This helped in improving the website’s overall prominence on the search engines, resulting in an increase in the keyword rankings.

  1. Performed an in-depth Backlinks Analysis of the website at the start of the campaign.


  1. Regularly created unique & informative details of the website’s targeted URLs and submitted the same on third party websites, to create quality backlinks:
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Business Listing Sites
  • Image Sharing Sites
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • Document Sharing Sites
  • Infographic Submission and Promotion
  • Quora Question and Answering


  1. Article & Blog provided by the Client for the website and submitted them on the third party content sharing websites, to propagate the published content on the web and create further backlinks.


  1. Converted the blogs in to PDF files and shared them on top quality PDF sharing websites. To promote them further, we bookmarked the URLs of the published PDF files in social bookmarking websites.


Our team accomplished all the above given on-page and off-page activities in an organized way. We used focused techniques and approaches to achieve our targets.

After the implementation of our SEO and audit recommendations, the website started performing well across all search engines and we saw a dramatic change in the keyword positions.


We executed the strategies properly to improve the natural search performance of the website – Our team achieved the set objectives and improved the overall visibility and usability of the website. The client was satisfied with the overall results (website’s performance).

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