Our client, was established the business in 2003, is NYC’s most versatile, effective, and tech-centric real estate firm, representing commercial tenants and owners in the leasing of commercial real estate. Corbett & Dullea represents commercial and residential properties in all of New York City’s hottest and most exciting neighbourhoods as well as “the next frontier” of up and coming areas.


The website of the company was built around to share the information regarding the residential and commercial properties in NYC. The major objective was to build a good Organic presence of the website in NYC. So people can search and reach the client for residential and commercial properties in NYC.


Our qualified and experienced team of SEO analysts, digital marketing professionals and technical experts thoroughly analysed the website, its competitors, trends, and based on those findings they devised a powerful and scalable backlink building approach for the first phase.

We understood that the website needs extensive Search engine optimisation efforts in order to improve its Organic visibility. We prepared a complete list of existing resources and proposed the solutions. We also analysed several elements, such as:

  • Speed
  • Website Design Change
  • IDX Integration
  • Image Optimisation
  • SSL certification

Natural search performance, and much more.




  1. Optimized meta tags and heading tags
  2. Optimized content for the targeted keywords
  3. Content + IDX integration
  4. Optimized ALT tags
  5. Recommended to add unique content on existing pages
  6. Fixed Duplicate Meta Tags.
  7. Fixed dead pages’ issues
  8. Published blogs regularly in the blog section of the website with optimized Meta tags and
  9. Fixed standard SEO elements- sitemaps, robots.txt, NOODP, NOYDIR, Outbound links,
  10. Optimized the website regularly to keep the website search engine



The focus of the Off-page strategy for the campaign was to create good quality backlinks for the client’s website. This helped in improving the website’s overall prominence on the search engines, resulting in an increase in the keyword rankings as well as the website traffic.

  1. Performed an in-depth Backlinks Analysis of the website at the start of the campaign.
  2. Regularly created unique & informative details of the website’s targeted URLs and submitted the same on third party websites, to create quality backlinks:
    • Social Bookmarking Sites
    • Business Listing Sites
    • Local Listing Sites
    • Image Sharing Sites
    • Video Sharing Sites
    • Document Sharing Sites
    • Blogger outreach
    • On-site Blog Bookmarking
    • Infographic Submission and Promotion
  3. Got Blogs written for the website and submitted them on the website’s blog section and propagate the published blog on the web and create further backlinks.
  4. Converted the blogs in to PDF files and shared them on top quality PDF sharing websites. To promote them further, we bookmarked the URLs of the published PDF files in social bookmarking websites.

Our team accomplished all the above given on-page and off-page activities in an organized way. We used focused techniques and approaches to achieve our targets.

After the implementation of our SEO and Audit recommendations, the website started performing well across all search engines. And we saw a dramatic change in the keyword positions.


Our team achieved the set objectives and improved the Organic visibility of the website across NYC in just 4 months. The client was satisfied with the results. The following figures speak for themselves.

The website right now ranks for more than 1.5K+ keywords in NYC.

Major Accomplishments

#KeywordPositionKeyword Difficulty
1restaurant space for rent manhattan4Not in Top 100
2restaurant for lease westchester ny5Not in Top 100
3warehouse for rent brooklyn6Not in Top 100
4brooklyn retail space for rent6Not in Top 100
5medical office for rent brooklyn6Not in Top 100
6commercial space for rent red hook brooklyn7Not in Top 100
7dumbo commercial space7Not in Top 100
8retail space for rent brooklyn7Not in Top 100
9retail space for rent in brooklyn ny7Not in Top 100
10warehouse for rent queens7Not in Top 100
11office space for rent manhattan8Not in Top 100
12commercial space for rent sunset park brooklyn8Not in Top 100
13dumbo office space8Not in Top 100
14dumbo office space for rent8Not in Top 100
15restaurant space for rent brooklyn8Not in Top 100
16restaurant space for sale nyc8Not in Top 100
17retail space for rent stamford ct8Not in Top 100
18commercial real estate gowanus brooklyn9Not in Top 100
19office space for rent dumbo brooklyn9Not in Top 100
20brooklyn industrial space for rent9Not in Top 100
21commercial space for rent long island city9Not in Top 100
22warehouse space for rent bronx9Not in Top 100
23tribeca apartments for sale10Not in Top 100
24brownstones for sale brooklyn heights10Not in Top 100
25office space for rent downtown brooklyn10Not in Top 100
26long island city office space10Not in Top 100
27westchester office space for rent10Not in Top 100
28office space for rent westchester ny10Not in Top 100
29retail space for sale nyc10Not in Top 100
30office space for rent greenwich ct10Not in Top 100
31commercial spaces for rent brooklyn11Not in Top 100
32commercial space for rent in greenpoint brooklyn11Not in Top 100
33office space for rent long island city11Not in Top 100
34long island city office space for rent11Not in Top 100
35commercial space for rent westchester ny11Not in Top 100
36warehouse space for rent nyc11Not in Top 100
37manhattan retail space for rent12Not in Top 100
38office space sunset park brooklyn12Not in Top 100
39queens office space for rent12Not in Top 100
40retail space for rent queens12Not in Top 100
41commercial space for rent new york12Not in Top 100
42commercial real estate nyc listings12Not in Top 100
43warehouse for rent nyc12Not in Top 100
44industrial space for rent stamford ct12Not in Top 100
45restaurant for sale stamford ct12Not in Top 100
46commercial space for rent brooklyn ny13Not in Top 100
47retail space for rent westchester ny13Not in Top 100
48office space for sale nyc13Not in Top 100
49retail space for rent nyc13Not in Top 100
50medical office space for rent manhattan14Not in Top 100
51brooklyn office space for rent14Not in Top 100
52office space downtown brooklyn14Not in Top 100
53office space for rent queens14Not in Top 100
54condos for sale long island city14Not in Top 100
55medical space for rent nyc14Not in Top 100
56greenwich office space for rent14Not in Top 100
57commercial real estate in manhattan15Not in Top 100
58restaurant for sale brooklyn15Not in Top 100
59stamford ct retail space for rent15Not in Top 100
60brooklyn townhouses for sale16Not in Top 100
61brooklyn office space16Not in Top 100
62commercial property for sale brooklyn ny16Not in Top 100
63nyc office space for rent16Not in Top 100
64retail space for rent greenwich ct16Not in Top 100
65retail space for rent fairfield ct16Not in Top 100
66office space for rent brooklyn17Not in Top 100
67rent furnished office space nyc17Not in Top 100
68warehouse for rent westchester ny18Not in Top 100
69warehouse space for rent stamford ct18Not in Top 100
70furnished office space manhattan19Not in Top 100
71restaurant for sale manhattan19Not in Top 100
72commercial real estate for lease stamford ct19Not in Top 100
73office space for sale manhattan22Not in Top 100
74condos in long island city22Not in Top 100
75medical space for sale nyc22Not in Top 100
76office space for rent stamford ct22Not in Top 100
77office space financial district manhattan23Not in Top 100
78office space williamsburg brooklyn23Not in Top 100
79apartments for sale long island city24Not in Top 100
80long island city condos for sale24Not in Top 100


Majority of the keywords have achieved good rankings for the client’s website, on Google.