Bussani Mobility Team USA

ABOUT Bussani Mobility Team USA

Our client, Bussani Mobility Team USA, has been selling, servicing and renting wheelchair accessible vans to people with disabilities in the New York Metro area for over 40 years. They help people to find the vehicle that’s right for them.

Their mobility specialists carefully evaluate the customer’s needs and work hand-in-hand with driver rehabilitation counselors. They answer any questions about new or used accessible vans, adaptive driving equipment, hand controls, foot controls, scooter lifts, wheelchair lifts, chair toppers, valet seating, transfer lifts, and other mobility equipment.


The company has a versatile and beautiful website with multiple features and section to assist people. It has many dedicated sections along with a blog section. However, the client was not happy with the results, as he wanted to achieve something bigger and better. So, to meet his objectives, he decided to hire us to improve the overall rankings and traffic of the website. And we started the campaign with 11 keywords.

After the initial analysis, we began supervising the components of the SEO program that needs to be tailored according to the business goals.


Our experienced team of SEO analysts, digital marketing professionals and technical experts analysed the website, its structure, its objectives, its competitors, trends, and based on those findings they devised an effective solution for the website.

While the website was good, we identified a wide range of additional opportunities to acquire high-value links.




  1. Optimized meta tags and heading tags
  2. Optimized content for the targeted keywords
  3. Optimized ALT tags
  4. Recommended to add unique content on existing pages
  5. Fixed navigation to make it more user friendly
  6. Fixed dead pages’ issues
  7. Fixed duplicate issue created by Tag, category folders
  8. Fixed all content related issues (dummy content, less content, duplicate content, template driven content)
  9. Resolved the Link Exchange page issue
  10. Recommended to fix page load time issue, so the website must load on the web as quick as possible for both users and crawlers
  11. Implemented all SEO standard elements like, sitemaps, robots.txt, NOODP, NOYDIR, Outbound links etc.
  12. Implemented local schema to increase the local prominence of the website
  13. Setup a Google Webmaster account for the website to monitor and maintain theirwebsite’s presence in Google Search results.
  14. Setup a Google Analytics account for the website to track and report website traffic.
  15. Optimized the website regularly to keep the website search engine friendly.



The focus of the Off-page strategy for the campaign was to create good quality backlinks for the client’s website. This helped in improving the website’s overall prominence on the search engines, resulting in an increase in the keyword rankings as well as the website traffic.

  1. Performed an in-depth Backlinks Analysis of the website at the start of the campaign.
  2. Regularly created unique & informative details of the website’s targeted URLs and submitted the same on third party websites, to create quality backlinks:
    • Social Bookmarking Sites
    • Local Listing Sites
    • Business Listing Sites
    • Image Sharing Sites
    • Video Sharing Sites
    • Document Sharing Sites
  3. Got Articles & Blogs written for the website and submitted them on the third party content sharing websitesregularly, to propagate the published content on the web and create further backlinks.
  4. Converted the articles and blogs in to PDF files and shared them on top quality PDF sharing websites. To promote them further, we bookmarked the URLs of the published PDF files in social bookmarking websites.
  5. Regularly identified the referring domains of top competitors and then created links on them to gather more quality backlinks for the website.
  6. Regularly posted activities on the Social Media profiles of the website.

Our team accomplished all the above given on-page and off-page activities in an organized way. We used focused techniques and approaches to achieve our targets.

After the implementation of our SEO and audit recommendations, the website started performing well across all search engines. And we saw a dramatic change in the keyword positions.


Our in-house team achieved the set objectives and improved the overall usability of the website. The following figures speak for themselves.

  • For the given period, quality links were created.
  • Website’s local search presence was also improved.
  • Web pages started performing well.

In this way, we have exceeded the client’s expectations.

Rank Comparison

Graphical Represntation

Major Accomplishments


The website traffic has increased from just 59 visits per month to 200 visits per month.

Organic Keywords

1937 keywords have achieved good rankings for the client’s website, on Google.