Top 10 Business Directories of India

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Top 10 Business Directories of India

You have a website and now want to generate footfalls for your business. We’ll tell you a surest way to do this for free because we want to be the best SEO agency we can be by serving our customers’ business goals. What do you need to do to be seen and viewed by your customers online? You need to show your business. Where’s the best place you can do this? On business listing sites, that’s right!

What is a business listing and where is it done?

A business listing refers to publishing your company’s information on business listing sites that we will mention in this blog. These sites will act as a platform to promote your business to the target audience relevant to your brand.

While you enlist your business on relevant sites, it is important to hire the best SEO agency to do link building. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is more than choosing relevant keywords and phrases to build a website and its content. Reputable incoming links can empower and directly enhance search engine rankings.

At the same time, ensuring that the incoming links come from sites in goodwill with the search engines is significant to ensure links that truly help grow a website’s traffic. That is, supercharging your SEO efforts through building links will help boost rankings exponentially over a steady pace that works long term.

Now, there are free and paid listing sites. The free listing sites include Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, and so on. You have to create an account specific and relevant to your business, add the necessary information and launch these listings. It’s the same for paid business listings. The only difference is that paid business listings advanced features and added benefits that help in promoting your business.

Choose sites that are free from frequent advertisements, which mean they should be spam free. Find a website which has good domain authority. You can identify the domain authority using domain authority checking tools. Lastly, select a site that has a balance between no-follows and hyperlinks.

The top ten business directories of India

There are more than hundred business listing sites in India. However, we’ll break it down into the top 10 business directories to simplify it for you.

1. Google My Business

This is a basic and free listing site that allows local businesses to create a company profile. You can enter various other details and significant facts about your company. It helps you easily connect with relevant and potential customers across given time zones.

2. Crunchbase

Do you want to find business information about private and public companies? Crunchbase is one of the best business listing websites that includes investments as well as funding information. This platform gives you information on the founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, and industry trends.

3. Yelp

Yelp is a modern and crowd-sourced platform. It is the online version of the yellow pages. Yelp allows businesses the opportunity to attract potential customers through online word of mouth. Yelp offers a good way to reach active users who search for products and services online and intend to make a purchase.

4. Meta for Business

Meta for Business is one of the most popular business listing sites worldwide. It helps you to get a supply of comprehensive information, and you can fill all your company data by clicking the ‘Submit your business’ page to start listing your business.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing tools are made available for every business size and type. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or a large group, or if you are a B2B to B2C Company.

Listing your business on LinkedIn is a hassle-free experience where you are equipped with the best tools to list your website effectively. It also helps you leverage your LinkedIn marketing strategy for free.

6. Tripadvisor

A little bit of a passive approach but if it can get the work done for you, why not? Tripadvisor can help many eyes on your business listed through great photos, updated information and great reviews. This website attracts at least an average of 490 million of monthly visitors on over 8.1 million businesses and counting. Tripadvisor shares a set of manuals and guidelines on how you should enlist your company profile, which is easy, quick, and without any glitches.

7. Verizon Business

Verizon Business makes sure that your customers find the correct information about your company or organization. By enlisting your business here, you can track everything from profile views to calls. Some business listing sites like Yahoo permit using competitive insights if you want to make informed business decisions.

8. Glassdoor

‌‌Glassdoor allows you to create an official online presence on its popular jobs website. It helps your business look more attractive to potential employees. Glassdoor holds a set of business reviews that helps you get the most number of people seeking your company. It has company reviews that have proved valuable for 83% of job seekers.

9. Bing Places

Bing is used as a default search engine on many Windows devices. You can list businesses for first, local or small businesses with a chain business or a storefront with multiple branches. This site offers more opportunity to build a customer base and link build for businesses that offer services at customer locations.

10. Justdial

‌‌Justdial is a free, fast, and reliable platform that permits service activities between a business and its customers. Justdial is a platform where you can plan your business’s promotion to ensure its rapid growth. It is unique compared to other free company profile listing sites as it has features like best deals, rate and review features, last-minute offers, and live quotations to help users get the best discounts. In this way, businesses get to showcase their specialities and best offerings on the site.

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