Seasonal SEO Tips for Year-Round Organic SEO Improvements

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Seasonal SEO Tips for Year-Round Organic SEO Improvements

SEO is considered to run steady and strategically because it is undeniably dynamic in nature. Optimizing a brand depends on the developments that take place with online search engines. Therefore, the moment you think you know exactly what search engine analytics are looking for, an algorithm update throws a wrench in your strategy.  

Seasonal SEO will help you deal with algorithm updates and boost your products to reach more leads. 

What is Seasonal SEO?

Seasonal SEO is a branch of traditional SEO which looks at the seasonal popularity of products or services. It is how your website performs during an annual event such as summer, winter, Christmas or New Year. 

Generally speaking, there are two types of Seasonal SEO strategies –

Time-based – This SEO optimization focuses on larger seasons in the year. It can be the specific seasons throughout the year such as Summer, Winter or a period like a month. 

Event-based- This SEO strategy focuses on a specific event when people are more likely to buy a product. Like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

Optimizing your brand’s visibility through local SEO can also benefit you as you target festivals and popular events. You can also hire an SEO agency to leverage your business locally.

Why Seasonal SEO?

A strong seasonal SEO strategy can help you achieve your business goals.  Optimizing your content based on seasonal weather and relevant holidays is one of the best ways to boost conversions and generate new revenue streams. 

Several benefits of seasonal content

  • Fulfilling particular needs of the customers
  • Higher conversion rates since customers have specific and immediate requirements. 
  •  Can be used every year; data to drive upsell and cross-selling. 

In general, having a deeper knowledge of Seasonal SEO will impact your business and help you make better decisions. 

How to find my products’ Seasonal popularity?

Below are the tools you can check to help you understand your product’s seasonal popularity-

Google trends

It can be a great tool to see the behavioral changes of your product over time. You can mark the time of the year when your product is highly in demand. 

For example, certain goods like gift items are more searched during Christmas or Valentine’s Day. By looking at Google trends, you can understand the fluctuations in your products’ popularity. Your SEO agency can even apply local SEO activities to target local customers.

Google Search console

Another amazing tool to use is Google Search Console. This tool helps you with current trends on your site. 

You can get information about the number of clicks, position, devices and more. You can also see the words that are popular in the last 90-days so that you can check which topic is most likely to be searched. 

Google keywords planner

This is another amazing tool to find relevant terms. You can also see the interests in your search terms. This will help you determine how interest in your keyword changes. This will help you pinpoint the time when your search terms are most likely to be searched. 

8-SEO tips for year-round growth in 2022

  • Win the game of seasonal SEO keywords 

Keywords are one of the key players of SEO, and that’s true for Seasonal SEO as well. 

Each festival brings a new set of keywords, on which the Seasonal SEO is based.  For instance, Christmas brings its own set of keywords such as Christmas giveaways, Christmas gifts and so on. 

This means that you will not show up in search results if you do not include seasonal-related keywords in your offers, product pages, content and blogs. 

So the first step with each festival approach would be to optimize your keywords.  

Multiple tools can help you with Keywords search such as Google Suggest, and SEMrush 

  • Content optimisation for festivities

Updating and optimizing content instead of creating it from scratch can help you in two ways- first, you need not get into the ranking race from zero. Second, it’s easy to implement Furthermore, since existing content will already have backlinks you do not need to put effort into creating a new set of backlinks. 

You must already have well-performing blogs or landing pages from the previous year’s festive seasons. Why not update those and make them fresh?

  • Festive-friendly URL

URLs are the first thing through which your customer interacts with you. And that is why they become a crucial part of your SEO strategy. While an unclear or random URL makes it hard for users to click on it, a well-planned URL will help in SEO, as well as it is more understandable to the customers. 

  • Holiday Landing pages

It helps you target your festive goals, have all the keywords in one place and a festive related Call to action. Hence a higher rank for such a page is more likely than a non-centralized page. 

In addition, visibility brings traffic which leads to conversion and sales. 

  • Festive content

Content that connects, attracts and engages its viewers also improves ranking. The festive season is the best time to leverage creative content. Content sharing personalized experience by your customers or gift ideas, during festive times, does very well in SEO growth. 

You can create product-related content which makes your customers buy instantly. Additionally, you can target local festivals as well, and use festive content to integrate local SEO efforts.

  • Festive link-building 

A backlink to your webpage will provide credibility to your website for the Google-crawlers. In other words, this is termed off-page SEO.  This can also be utilized in the festive seasons by extending the off-page SEO concept to Off-page Festive SEO. 

  • Review basic SEO before Seasonal SEO

Resolving your basic SEO and removing technical errors and optimizing your website are essential to rank and trend in the Google search engine.

  • Optimize your images with ALT features. 

Search engine crawlers do not recognise images as human eyes. Instead, they use ALT description to rank images in image ranking. Hence, this feature can be an important attribute in your festival products ranking. 

Are you in search of an SEO agency to help you with seasonal SEO marketing activities? We can provide you with the necessary help you need to achieve your brand goals.