What is the Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO 2022?

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What is the Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO 2022?

More than a million articles compete every single day to rank in the search engine. It is impossible to generate brand awareness in today’s world if your SEO efforts do not give results. Cheap tactics like keyword stuffing or other black hat techniques don’t work anymore. AI technology has seen a tremendous boost over the last few years, and you can leverage its power to better optimize your articles. 

How can AI contribute to your SEO efforts?

Several companies these days are using AI to generate better SEO results. Here are some ways in which AI can help your SEO efforts:

Keyword research 

Keyword research is one of the primary requirements for writing an optimized article. AI keyword research tools can help you with an endless list of topic ideas and relevant keywords for your content strategy. Utilizing a tool like this is 10x more effective than manual research. You can also find keywords based on particular locations.

We are a search engine optimization agency that uses AI tools like MarketMuse, Frase, and BrightEdge. These tools give you suggestions around what content you should create that caters to specific keyword clusters. These tools will also help you check what other top-ranking sites do to appear at the top in search engines for a particular search query. 

Content Generation 

According to Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guideline, the content on a website page needs to be authoritative, establish expertise and generate trust for it to rank. Different content types require a different approach.

For instance, blogs and articles should try to give as much information as possible on a particular topic. The information should be original, factually correct, and well presented in bite-sized paragraphs. 

You can automate some content creation tasks like: 

  • Listing content topics that establish authority. 
  • Better internal linking of your website pages. 
  • Discovering content gaps to exploit 
  • Getting an idea of trending topics. 
  • Knowing the number of average sections to include for best user experience.

All this data will help you create content tailored to solve specific problems for your audience. You will also understand better what type of content to create for each stage of your funnel.

Content optimization 

Content optimization is no longer limited to keywords, backlinks, internal links, and other on-page SEO tactics. Though these tactics are still important, it is more crucial to check if your content satisfies the user’s search intent. We are the best SEO Company equipped with AI tools that help you serve content that caters to Google’s E.A.T standards. It is highly beneficial for your content’s SEO since it is the type of content Google loves serving to its audience. 

AI-powered SEO tools will help in:

  • Creating topic clusters that will answer all the queries of your reader. 
  • Proper use of keywords and LSI keywords.
  • Figuring out the perfect length of content for a particular topic.


The time your website visitors spend scrolling through the content on your page affects its rankings. AI-powered personalized content generators use techniques like machine learning, tracking individuals’ web history data, and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver more personalized and relevant content to every website visitor. 

Thus, your website visitors will automatically spend more time on your web page. You build a stronger relationship with your audience. Also, our Search Engine Optimization Agency has AI-powered SEO tools; like Market Brew can help you improve your website’s UX.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice searches are becoming more popular than ever. In 2022 almost 18% of customers who are likely to purchase will search the product or service through voice search. AI-powered tools like Dialog Flow utilizes machine learning technology to understand what a user is searching for through voice and what results to display. Tools like Frase will show you the questions that your target audience usually asks through voice searches. You can use these questions as a framework to create better content.

Prioritization with analytics

AI can suggest the best SEO strategies you should focus on so that the statistics improve drastically. We are the best SEO company with AI tools that offer insights into what is working for your website and what is not. The difference between a random tool and an AI-powered tool is that the former will give you a long list of SEO tactics that are not personalized to your website. But an AI tool will offer you specific suggestions that cater to your website.

Running tests and measuring results

When a person visits your website, the snippets create the first impression. So you must optimize the snippets for boosting the organic growth of your website. Running tests and measuring data like CTR will help you figure out what snippets will perform the best. 

You can use AI-powered tools like SEO Scout’s tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) to compare your content to your competitor’s. It will allow you to test different titles and meta descriptions so that you can pick the snippet for your website that gets you through maximum clicks.  You can also test them throughout a continuous period to monitor how your traffic is getting impacted. 

Scaling your SEO

AI-powered tools will gather data for you, analyze it and convert it into actionable steps that you can take to improve your SEO efforts. AI software like Alli AI can help you with your technical SEO efforts by:

  • Conducting website audits. 
  • Automatic optimization of your content
  • Fixing issues such as duplicate content.

AI tools will also analyze the top-performing content for you to scale your content creation. You can also use these tools to create content briefs and guidelines (according to optimization standards) for your team. The more these boring and soul-sucking aspects of SEO are handled by AI, the better your team can focus on creative inputs. 

SEO has multiple and complex activities to manage, which are now impossible without technology. The more you reduce the need for manual work in SEO, the lesser are the chances of error. You also create more space for your team to get creative with the content by automating all the technical aspects of SEO and generating better results.