Top 10 Business Directories of Singapore

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Top 10 Business Directories of Singapore

Do you want your business to get listed in the popular directories of Singapore? Business directories are usually in print or website format. Whenever people search for businesses in a particular category in a directory, a list appears of the most popular businesses. It is a great opportunity for businesses with no or a small customer base to get more exposure in the market.

List of top 10 business directories of Singapore 

Do you want to list your business in a directory in Singapore? We have compiled a list of the best ten directories for your business.

Street Directory 

This directory has a very different and iconic look that distinguishes it from the other directories. Whether you want digital or offline marketing services, this directory can be a perfect fit for your business. This app offers its users real-time bus timing, offline maps, directions, etc. It also offers vehicle tracking services in both Singapore and Malaysia. The directory has a user base of more than 3 million with half a million downloads. 

Angloinfo Singapore

This directory is especially for expats who speak English and have shifted to Singapore. It is the world’s biggest website network in this niche. It comes with how-to guides, forums, jobs, and more. 130 websites from around the world are listed in this directory. It enjoys monthly traffic of two million, a page view of 8 million, and 500,000 registered users.


If you want to take your brand’s digital marketing campaign to the next level, this is the one for you. Once your business gets listed in this directory, you will get new leads, more traffic, and increased social media shares. 

This is the best SEO agency that does not only serve business listings but also displays jobs in Singapore, public holidays, real estate, and even has a live COVID-19 tracker. Almost 300,000 companies with more than 13,000 photos are in this directory. It comprises 128 countries and more than 22 million listings.

Times Business Directory

This is one of the biggest and most established media groups in Asia in the print and publishing industry. It has more than 30 trade directories that have created a big network to promote business growth. There are currently around 100,000 members on it, and has both print and digital format. The top SMEs, MNCs, and public listed firms are listed in this directory.


This is a local directory where businesses of all kinds connect. Customers use this directory to discover authentic food reviews and listed services. People use this as a reliable source to make the right choice. This directory was founded in 2004 and provides all the business information based on mainly crowd-sourced review content. This directory will offer you affordable search engine optimization services.


This website is functional in 44 different countries and has helped in connecting more than 69 million businesses worldwide. It is a beneficial tool for SMEs to create demand for their brand in the market. There is a huge SEO benefit of getting listed in this directory. 

People use this directory to get information on products and services. This directory is equipped with technology that tracks customers’ unique keywords identifiable by a search engine. The reporting tools are easy to use and provide beneficial insight. 


It is an international B2B business directory with an ever-expanding network. More than 33 million businesses spanning over 70 countries are listed in this directory. Users love the free information on this website, and the local teams constantly update this information. It is the best SEO agency that can boost your online visibility and help you create an online audience. You can also upgrade your business to the top of buyers’ searches with the trusted supplier certificate this directory offers. 


This is a specialized business directory designed to make life easier for expats. This directory connects more than 197 countries and 500 cities and has more than 3 million members. There are so many like business listings, a forum, services, and a dedicated team for customer service. 

The members love the service of this directory since everything is well customized and easy to find. If your business targets especially expats, it is a great idea to get it listed on this website. 

Singapore Business Directory 

This directory enjoys more than 450,000 unique monthly users and 500,000 businesses in its network. So many people use this directory because it uses big data technology that enables a high level of customization. This directory has been constantly evolving to suit itself to the needs of businesses. 

The content that users find on this platform is personalized for them based on previous data. Their goal is to help potential customers make informed consumption choices. So the platform gives access to accurate and reliable information about businesses. If you lost your business in this directory, you will get access to a huge network for growing your business.

 Yellow pages 

It is one of the most popular business directories in Singapore. It offers a wide range of digital marketing services and business listings. It offers a marketplace to businesses that allows them to promote products and services. The marketplace category in this directory helps businesses reach their potential customers. 

It was first published as a version of the iconic yellow book in 1962. In 2017, it made a shift to the digital world. Right now it offers a comprehensive range of digital solutions like affordable search engine optimization services, cover web design, database management, etc. 

Listing your business on a directory is more difficult than it sounds. You need to do a lot of research on what directory meets your business needs the maximum. You need to find a directory that will help you grow your network and expand your customer base. However, we have already researched the top ten directories for you. So all you have to do is scan through the list and pick the one that fulfills your demands.