10 Best Practises for Fast Indexing of Your Website Pages

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10 Best Practises for Fast Indexing of Your Website Pages

The world of SEO is changing quickly. If you use SEO strategies to market your business, you need to stay updated. Our world is full of information that transpires across borders. The amount of information accessible to people today, is much more compared to 10 years back. And this has caused an information tsunami. Businesses across the internet are targeting their content to customers. At the same time, customers are changing. The needs of each customer are so diverse, personal profiles are barely accurate. In such a world, what’s a simple way to get around all the chaos? Indexing. 

Indexing your website allows your business to be more visible to customers! However, Google’s process is tiring. It takes weeks to index a single page. Today we’re going to discuss ten quick indexing fixes you can use! It helps Google to index your pages rapidly. The best SEO agency can help you implement these! 

1. URL Inspection   

You can use a new tool called the URL Inspection tool. Google added it to decommission their previous tool Fetch and Render. Google uses a crawler that has a list of URLs it needs to crawl. However, with this tool you can enter your URL to prioritise it. Google’s crawler will check your URL before any other ones when you use this tool. 

2. Sitemaps

Sitemaps are a great way, to quickly index your web pages. Putting your URLs in sitemaps helps Google know that the URL is present. Your Sitemap can be optimised further. These are as follows:  

  • The first way is to put the sitemap of your website into robot.txt. It helps Google find it easily. 
  • You can either use the Search Console Sitemap Report or Console API to submit, remove, and validate sitemaps. 
  • The last way is by going to google.com/ping, where you enter the sitemap URL. 

3. Google Indexing API

The new Google API allows fast indexing like never before. You can submit multiple URL sets at a go. It helps speed up the automation of the crawling process. To use the new API, you’ll first have to register yourself on the project. Following this, add your credentials and you’re good to go. Following this you’ll need to go to the “manage services accounts” option. Here you can add a domain name and activate Google’s API. 

4. Important Pages

Back linking to important pages is essential. You need to add links on your important pages to the subpages of your website. For example, you add the link for blogs on your homepage. This tells Google to index the link and crawl it quickly.  It also increases the importance of the link to Google. 

5. Updating Old Content

In the world of on-page SEO, one thing that hasn’t changed is content. To this day, it remains the king of SEO. That’s why updating old content is essential for you to get a higher rank and better index results. However, adding relevance to content is essential. Thus, use target keyword-oriented links and content to enhance your ranking and indexing. 

6. Sharing Socially

The content ranking is highly correlated to sharing it socially. Social shares gain content brownie points in ranking systems. Content aggregators like Reddit help create actual links for Google to crawl. Google checks these sites and catalogues external links. This makes it better for you as the ranking is enhanced greatly! 

7. Generate Traffic to Your URL

Generating traffic to your content goes a long way. It tells Google that your content is something customers want to view. The reason it may be beneficial is because of Google re-ranking your page. If you don’t have a high rank and still generate enough traffic to catch Google’s attention, they might recrawl your pages. Take help from the right SEO agency at this time and see your page shoot up!

8. Generating Search Links

Drive traffic via target keywords and search links. For instance, if you post on Twitter. Instead of giving a direct link, you direct the users to a Google link with your keywords on it. This makes the users click your link via the Google search engine and helps improve your ranking! Alternatively, you can ask users to go to Google and search for target keywords. For example, “open your Google search and search for on-page SEO today!”. 

9. Target Queries Are Essential

Freshness in your website is essential. For instance, a user searches for “movies in March 2022”. Google will require fresh content for this. Thus, if you create content that’s relevant and fresh, you have a good chance to improve your rank. Google checks recent pages for such queries. Thus, if your website provides this information, there’s a high chance you can improve your ranking!

10. The URL Structure can be Leveraged

The URL structure of your website can be leveraged. It’s an offbeat technique not used by many. This means there’s a lot of space to maximise its potential. Google uses URL structure to determine the rank of a page. The same URL structure helps you get better ranks. Keeping your URL structure similar for high and low authority pages is a consistent approach that Google ranks higher! 

How to Implement These?

Implement by hiring the best SEO agency. All of the above-mentioned technicalities can ensure growth for your business. However, hiring experts for the job makes more sense. They know the workarounds and logistical functions associated with page ranking and indexing. Thus, they can use a portfolio of methods to leverage your webpage and get it indexed. Running a business is hard work. We recommend seeking on-page SEO help from a leading SEO agency. This gives you an advantage in the market against your competitors! 

The world is moving fast and changing quickly. Bringing customers to your doorstep is essential in such a market. Use the best services to leverage your website and get yourself known. It’ll help you skyrocket your business to new heights! Go to Google and search for the best SEO Agency using on-page SEO techniques today!