Top 10 Business Directories of USA – How to Use These for Your Business

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Top 10 Business Directories of USA – How to Use These for Your Business

The world of business is booming as of now. The change after the COVID-19 has left open spaces in the market for firms to come in. Innovation is at an all-time high and so is collaboration. At a time like if you’ve launched a new business, collaborating with other businesses is a great way to fast track your growth. How can you do this? By using business directories.

Now you must be wondering what are business directories? Well, a business directory website provides you with information regarding businesses within niche categories. You’ll find information regarding location, activity, business size, and the industry of functionality. So how exactly can you leverage these directories to your advantage? Read on to get your business booming today.

You can use a business directory to optimize local searches

If you contact an SEO agency they’ll recommend posting your company information on one of the top 10 business directories. Putting in the location of your business and other details helps you to leverage searches on the web. These directories serve as a common touchpoint between you and your customers. Your customers can also leave reviews of your business here. Thus, using a directory gets you access to build a reputation as well.

It’s cost-effective for you

Directory postings allow your business to leverage SEO results in a local search. Using one of the top 10 directories will help your business to create a platform where customers and prospects can reach out. Using directories is a very cost-effective method and it helps you sidetrack the normal SEO channels when you incorporate link building into your SEO strategy. Listing your business in a directory can get you high-quality exposure into niche markets and local areas. It is a direct channel to prospective clients and it reduces your marketing effort as well.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

The prospect of search engine rankings is a bit complex. Unless you are adept with SEO strategies, we recommend hiring an SEO agency to help you out. Online business directories are highly trusted portals for information. Along with this link building increases the chances of your business showing up at the top of a search. The greater the number of backlinks to your website and the more citations help your link building strategy to leverage search engine results. This directly leads prospects and customers to your business through directories while improving your credibility.

Your business is visible and within reach

See, since the time everything has moved online, customers are concerned regarding trustworthiness. This is why a directory listing helps you. The relevant contact information helps customers to know that your business is legit and will help them out. It doesn’t only create goodwill but builds trust within them to come to your business in times of need.

Now we have mentioned how leveraging starches can help you. Let’s look at the top 10 directories to list your business on for the best results.

1. Google Business Profile (Earlier known as Google My Business)

None other than Google comes right at the top of our list. It’s free of cost directory with a domain authority of 100. Google is the most common search platform. It also leverages connected apps like GMAPS and searches to leverage your business visibility.

2. Yelp

Accredited with a domain authority of 93 and, again free of cost, Yelp stands out as one of the most popular business directories. It is also a social networking site and has an average of 35 million monthly mobile app users. The seamless UI/UX design of the app helps your business by allowing you to access a range of almost unlimited prospects.

3. FourSquare

Making it into the top three on this list, FourSquare has a domain authority of 92. Absolutely free of cost, this website caters to 50 million + users. It has almost 2 million business listings. This means that your business may already have been customer listed. It’s time for you to claim it.

4. Better Business Bureau

With a domain authority of 91, Better Business Bureau is known for providing only credible search results. It uses a National Partner Program to add only trusted businesses to the directory. Listing your business here gets you brownie points for credibility.

5. Angie’s List

With a domain authority of about 85, Angie’s list hosts 10-12 million visitors monthly. It’s a well-known domain for self-employed professional listings and individual service providers. It’s absolutely free and has over 720 categories where you can list your business.

6. The Real Yellow Pages

Even though it’s the fifth on our list, it has a domain authority of 88. It’s free of cost and is a local marketing solutions provider having 60 million consumers per month. The directory is integrated with TripAdvisor, Groupon, etc. if you’re in the hospitality business, this is the best pick for you.

7. Yahoo Localworks

Yahoo used to be the kind of search before Google came in. Currently, it has a domain authority of 90 and has both free and paid plan options. This directory backlinks you to 70 + directories across the web. It includes digital maps, apps, social networks, GPS systems, and search engines!

8. HubSpot Solutions

Free to access and with a domain authority of 92 HubSpot is one of the best directories. The digital marketing giant has over 44000+ customers in 100+ countries. The credibility of HubSpot itself is a great asset to have on your side.

9. The Business Journals

Similar to Yahoo this directory has paid and free package options The website has a digital footprint of 10 million across 43 websites. It’s a delight for link-building strategies. It gives your business access to a range of breaking news, business tips and advice from experts.

10. Craigslist

A free platform with a domain authority of 89, it is a simple site with a very ordinary layout. However, its credibility comes from the fact that it ranks higher than Netflix all the time!

11. HERE Map Creator

The final one here has a domain authority of 89 and is free of cost. It is a map creator used by mobile apps, and 75 % of the GPS systems cars are equipped with. It can easily put your business on the virtual map!

We recommend listing your business today on an online directory to leverage your SEO results and make your business stand out!