5 Ways to Convert Traffic into Genuine Leads!

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5 Ways to Convert Traffic into Genuine Leads!

In the cut-throat competitive era, getting organic traffic for your online website seems to be a tough task. Moreover, converting the traffic into genuine or qualified leads is yet another challenging aspect. Working with an SEO agency can help in attracting more customers for your business. But that is not enough. In order to convert leads into an actual business, you need to focus on the landing page, content, and much more. The good news is that there are a number of simple and effective ways to convert your traffic into genuine leads.

1. Match Website Content with User Intent

The importance of website content in converting the traffic into successful leads cannot be overlooked at any cost. It is important to ensure that all your content is in line with the user intent. Hence, you need to first understand the intent of your target users. You can work with a content writing service provider to improve the content of the existing pages as per user intent. Digging deeper to find out the doubts & requirements of your target audience and crafting content accordingly helps in generating more qualified leads for your business.

2. Focus on Landing Page

A well-designed landing page provides you the best opportunity to convert your website visitor into a genuine lead. While the other pages of your website provide relevant information to the visitors, the landing page collects their contact information which is the most crucial one in case of lead generation & conversion. This is why, instead of a single landing page, having several landing pages can help in attracting more traffic and increases the lead generation chances. With different landing pages, you can easily attract different groups of people and easily convert traffic to genuine leads.

3. Use relevant Search Terms

A professional SEO agency will suggest that, you target the top searched keywords in order to grab more leads. Making use of your brand name in the search terms can help in the generation of high-value leads too. When people search with the keywords, it reflects that they are in need of the goods & services offered by your brand and want to know more about your business. It provides you with valuable leads that can be easily converted into loyal customers.

4. Go for images & videos

A content upgrade is an ideal way to convert your organic traffic into genuine lead. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the upgrades, you need to focus on the quality of blog posts. An eye-catching and enticing introduction of the blogs can help in engaging your visitors better. Adding high-quality images, interactive videos, along with unique and interesting content, can make the visitor stay longer on the pages and successfully drive lead generation.

5. Simplify the Double Opt-Ins

When you are looking to free up your email database from the various bots, the double-opt-ins serves as the best solution. However, there are chances that users may not confirm their subscriptions. But, having a double confirmation page with a prominent CTA button can help in increasing the conversion rate drastically.

There are a number of other ways to generate qualified leads too. So, hiring the right SEO service provider will surely help you in gaining valuable organic leads.