Google Now Viewing Nofollow Links As A Hint For Crawling & Indexing!

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Google Now Viewing Nofollow Links As A Hint For Crawling & Indexing!

There are so many updates from google has been rolled out last month! Even though it’s driving the website owners all over the world crazy, each one of these updates is extremely crucial for the smooth functionality of the websites and the search engine platform. Recently google also said, that they would view no follow links to be a hint that is meant for crawling & indexing purposes. So if you are new to the world of search engine optimization, then you need to keep this change in mind and make the necessary alterations to ensure that your website doesn’t face the consequences of this new treatment of the no follow links.

What is a no follow link?

The no follow links are no more a directive, rather a hint, from 1st March 2020. In case you are wondering, these links include all UGC, sponsored and the no follow links. Even though the announcement has been made way back in September, the guideline is being implemented now in a massive scale! Now, let’s take a look at why all this is being done? And what exactly is a no follow link? You see, it was first introduced in 2005 to prevent the passing of credits by the spam links and manipulating the ranking signals. New link attributes were also introduced last year for the UGC as well as the sponsored ones.

These new alterations in the way no follow links are treated, will help google to get a better understanding of the web, which will ultimately make it easier for the site owners to take the right steps for classifying the nature of the links, according to their requirements. But this classification is entirely voluntary, so there is no pressure on the site owners to do so. It is a major aspect of implanting these new attributes.

What you can do!

But what to do now? How to deal with the sudden change in the treatment of these links by google? Fret not. The experts are here to help. The right SEO Company will guide you accordingly so that your website doesn’t face any issues regarding this change. According to most industry experts, in case you are planning to utilize the nofollow for a certain sensitive area of the site, which you do not want to be crawled, then it is safe to look for other options to do so. There are so many other alternatives through which you can accomplish the same results without using unfollow. You can go for robots.txt, meta tags and so many other tools which will help you to regulate the way, google indexes and crawls your pages.

Where to go?

There are many SEO companies in your locality that can assist you with the entire process to make things easier for you. So instead of wasting time, struggling with the technicalities, try to go for the reputed companies that have both the manpower as well as technology to offer you brilliant services at an affordable price.