5 Ways in which COVID-19 can Influence Search Traffic

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5 Ways in which COVID-19 can Influence Search Traffic

For people who are deeply indulged in the world of SEO, a constant sword of SEO metrics hangs above their head without a scabbard. Online businesses are biting their nails thinking about how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the SEO metrics.

No obvious answer can be predicted because the virus affects human behaviour and so each industry is getting affected differently. New changes are unfolding every now and then and as social distancing spiked, the demands for a few commodities and services hiked accordingly. Here’s how Coronavirus is responsible for affecting the Search engine traffic. Have a look!


1. The e-commerce surge for essentials is evident


As people can’t step out of their homes, the need for online delivery is on the peak. E-commerce SEOs therefore might need to focus on crafting a segment of high-demand product pages that are based on audience data, impressions and traffics. They are also recommended to watch the query data for certain pages to ensure that your content is optimized according to the intents of the searchers.


2. Travel website traffic have peaked


Due to the stringent regulations about social distancing you might be thinking that this traffic must have sunken which isn’t the case because people are looking to reschedule, cancel or get refunds for their booking. The travel industry is diverse and so travel SEO can be used in this complicated situation by closely monitoring the query data to find out whether the audience’s demand is shifting or not.


3. Publisher websites have witnessed an uptick in the recent days


As more and more people are looking online for the coronavirus updates, publishers’ websites are experiencing more and more traffic with each passing day. To support the SEO campaign, publisher SEOs can use search data to make decisions about public interest and coordinate content along with monitoring pages by publishing data.


4. Brick and mortar food businesses are having to pivot


Although in several locations, restaurants are operating at limited capacity, in most locations, to avoid crowding restaurants and bars are closed completely. This directly means that queries related to restaurant businesses are absolutely not in the limelight now. If you rely on SEO for your restaurant you can use Google My Business to state that you are temporarily closed instead of removing your store from the map.


5. Sites for physical and mental well-being are in incredibly high demand


Websites that are about weight loss are flourishing because of the high audience demands and of course because of the shutdown of gyms. Plus there are sites that are devoted to physical and mental health queries. These also need to answer queries as a responsibility because this type of content is more important now than ever.

Don’t lose hope; Do SEO. 

As the pandemic has forced major brands to cut their campaign budget, organic traffic stands out to be one of those acquisition channels that doesn’t turn off while cutting costs. Although the current scenario of the economy along with the business maps is in a complete set of topsy turvy, SEO can be more important now than ever because of acting as a regulatory tool in time of the flux.