A Brief Discussion on the Latest Update on FAQ Markup Guidelines by Google

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A Brief Discussion on the Latest Update on FAQ Markup Guidelines by Google

Every website owner is familiar with the ever changing regulations of google. While these are done to ensure a smooth end user experience, it can be quite troublesome for the website owners. A recent update in the content guidelines of google says that any repetitions of the questions as well as answers will not be allowed in the FAQ pages. After altering the guidelines for FAQ markup, google hopes to give a better user experience to the end users. So, now if your FAQ page has even one repetition, you will technically be violating Google’s guidelines and will have to face the consequences accordingly.

A peek into the FAQ schema

In case the questions and answers are in multiple pages of the site, you cannot markup the Q&A with the FAQ schema anymore. Even though you can mark it up, but it’s allowed in only one of the multiple pages where the Q&A are present. Well, now that you know all about this brand new update, it is time to know what exactly is a FAQ schema. It’s nothing but a brilliant structure designed by the experts so that they can be added to the FAQ pages, where there is an entire list of the frequently asked questions on a certain topic.

Such a structured data assists google with the process of displaying the questions & answers on the google search results directly. This can be extremely helpful for both you and your viewers, as they will get direct answers to their queries and will definitely visit your site to check out more about your goods and services. So you see, not marking up the pages properly will have a massive impact on optimization of your website traffic. This is why it is best to take some action as soon as possible so that your website is compliant with the updated content guideline.

How to do it?

With the help of the experts, you will be able to remove the existing markups successfully before it’s too late and your website is penalized for not following Google’s guidelines. But where to find such experts? Well, there are several SEO companies all over the country, where you can get these done at an affordable rate without facing any hassles yourself. These companies hire the best and the most experienced personnel in order to provide people with the best possible services. But if you search online, you will find numerous such companies that offer SEO and other related services. So how to know which is the right one?

Finding the one!

What you can do is, go through the countless reviews available online on the various third party reviewing sites. Here, you will find so many user experiences which will help you to get an idea of the type and quality of services the agency offers. You can also consult with the team to find out if they offer customization in the packages available with them. This way you will have to pay for only the services you require. So go ahead and start your search now!